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My dr keeps fobbing me off with ultrasound scans, I know I have poly cystic ovaries as well as endometriosis,would a CT scan be benificial?

I'm 31, and my symptoms just seem to get worse each month, I now find myself in constant agony in my pelvis,lower back and stomach and no pain relief prescribed has helped. I have v.heavy periods and mefenamic acid helps reduce bleeding,but not pain.

At my worse,I can hardly walk,as it's painful to straighten up, my stomach is always bloated, I feel old before my time and have no quality of life,it's now affecting my job as I find it so hard to concentrate due to the agony I'm in! I'd like some advice please, thank you :)

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Is it your GP that is fobbing you off and not referring you to a gynaecologist specialising in endo?

Or is the gynaecologist fobbing you off (probably because he or she is not skilled enough or doesn't have the tie in their schedule to accommodate a surgery)?

Having a CT scan wont help if you know you already have Pcos and Endo.

But having Surgery on adhesions, cysts or endo can make a huge difference if done really well.

If you are not holding on to your ovaries for any specific reason - you can have one removed which halves the pcos issue right away - leaving just one side to have pcos pains.

If you GP is not referring you then switch to a different GP in the practise or move to a different medical practise if your GP cannot be pursuaded to refer you to a gynae.

If your Gynae is the problem then ask your GP to re-refer your case to a different gynaecologist. Being in that much pain unncecessarily is not doing you the least aount of good.

Not all pain can be resolved or cured - but a lot of it can be considerably reduced and your quality of life improved to a great extent with the right care. something which should be their top priority but is not. So you will have to get really firm and demand to see someone who can help you. Take somebody with you for moral support and do your level best to push for what you need. Very Best of Luck.


It's both, my dr keeps sending me for ultra sounds but they keep telling me what I already know,I have endo and pcos. I saw a gyne re fertility help, I am however very blessed to have a 7yr old son,but would like one more for his sake, though this looks very unlikely. By seeing the gyne I had a laparoscopy which they found my tubes were blocked, but due to my left ovary and Fallopian tube being stuck to my side, they decided to free that but ran out of time to unblock my tubes,and will not take me in to do what they originally planned!

Anyway I digress, I was put on the pill, but it only helped for a while and not good if I want to get pregnant, then tramadol which made me feel like a zombie, and then naproxen, but that doesn't seem to help either. So just taking paracetamol and ibuprofen which takes the edge off the pain, but still unbearable most of the time.

I live on the Isle of Wight, so not sure if I should ask to see a mainland specialist? Or who I should even ask to see,that may be able to help?

I worry that, my symptoms are more sinister as my mum, passed away at just 50, with a rare ovarian cancer, but am just fobbed off and left wondering what/ where I go next....as u can tell I'm getting very frustrated about it all,as now endo is ruling my life .

Thank you very much for your suggestions, my partner said he will

Come to see my dr with me and help to fight to get something done :)


I have had the scan you get when your pregnant for endo - and they can see pretty well whats happening down there through that - have you had a laparoscopy to remove the endo tissue?


Hiya, yes i have, only the once, they discovered my Fallopian tube and left ovary were stuck to my side and decided to free them, instead of unblocking my tubes as planned. They now will not go in again,and say it will just create more adhesions and therefore more pain!

I feel very let down and like i need to stop moaning and put up with it, but it really is affecting my life so much now, I need something done.

Thank you for your advice :)


I would get to the mainland to get this seen to.

There is an accredited endometriosis centre in Southampton - lucky you !!!!!

Yes I know it means crossing the water - but it is pretty handy in distance terms.

The address and names of endo specialists there is listed on the following website

It's the 14th one on the list - kind of alphabetical - listed as Hampshire rather than Southampton.


Ask your GP to refer you to that endo centre. You already have endo - so he should agree to that. If he doesn't then try a different medical practise and switch GPs...or complain to your local area health authity PALS service.

and definitely take your partner with you too for support.

Very Best of Luck.


Thank you so much for the address of the endo specialist, i will take this with me to my dr's appt and have some ammo to fight with. As for crossing the water,that's no problem lol!

Thanks again :)


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