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Hurts when I pee?

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Hi guys.

Just wondering if anyone else gets this? My period is due and well it hurts like hell when I pee, I noticed it on my last period a day before it was due but didnt take much notice then. Seems worse this time. Its agony, to the point where im having to hold on the bath tub. I dunno, just wondering if other people get this?


Rach xxx

11 Replies
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Gosh could be a few things, cystitis which could need antibiotic, kidney or bladder infection or stones or even endometriosis. Anyway a visit to your GP is a must!

Another visit? oh dear, never going to be away from doctors, are we? haha its agony but only when my period is due like i said. Was meant to be here yesterday but its not here and well i know im not preg cause its been too sore to have sex.

Argh! haha might visit a different GP cause iv seen the same doc many times haha

Rach xx

I had this when I had a hemoraghic ovarian cyst but I did have pain continuously on varying degrees. Ask for a scan!

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I have endo and used to get cystitis-like pain around my period and at other times. Tests showed no infection, but after my lap they put me on long-term antibiotics (hiprex and Norfoxacin) to help it. And it has! But yes, get it checked and ask for some help via medication. Mine has changed my life! Good luck xx


I had a scan at start of July and no cysts were there but i am waiting on a gyno appointment so might just wait until i see them xxx

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Pain with urinating and defecating are endo symptoms.

What type of pain is it? A burning sensation could be cystitis or infection.

I used to get pain when peeing, but now I get it just after I've peed. It's like a deep ache.

Check with your GP and Gynae though.

Good luck!

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Elmobray in reply to Tendo

I get exactly the same it’s awful like a really dull ache nawing pain after period when I wee normally lingers for a few days after and each time I go toilet 🤕had a lap 2 weeks ago and they found I have severe endo on left side and I will need another operation as they going to get rid of the worst bits! Been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years too !!!

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I have the same problem and mentioned it a few weeks ago when I went to gynae clinic. I saw a registrar not the head consultant. He didn't seem to think the problem was related. I was too tired to argue with him. I don't see how it could be anything else. When my endo is bad I get bladder probs as do a lot of women. You'd think they'd pool all the information they hear from patients during consultations but this doesn't seem to happen. So many of the common things we discuss on this site are hardly taken seriously by the medics.

Tendo: It is a burning feeling but its agonising.

InsideOut: Im sorry you are experiencing this too! It's awful, isnt it? I havent seen a gynae yet, still waiting on the bloomin appointment. Just wish it would hurry up :(

Rach xxx

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hi i had pain on urination always the week after my period,this was the only symptom i had and it turned out i had severe endo,in the wall between my womb and bladder and have since had hysterectomy xx

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yes i get that i have endo i also get a tickling feeling inside

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