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Can't sleep, in so much pain with Endo😔


Hi everyone,

I just want to scream so much. my endo decided that I had enough sleep and woke me up in agony. It's 4am and I feel exhausted my stomach feels so tender that putting my hands on my stomach lightly hurts too much, breathing hurts too. I can feel my insides burning up with terrible cramps.


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Morning hun I feel your pain so much and my heart goes out to you

You sort of feel trapped in your own body with no one in the right mind to understand your pain as good as yourself.

Your certainly not on your own and if you need any advice pls just ask that's what where here for.

If you follow my story I go into what worked for me when I was waking up in horrible pain. I remember I was that bad I was sick but couldn't get out of bed. I do hope you have a supportive partner they are so needed at a time like this. Also supportive friends. I am 10 days post op from a full hysterctomy and feeling the after pain a little now but all worth it. So do you have a specalist hun?

I strongly advise to write down every pain every feeling and emotion and chat with your doctor.

Having a hot bath not to hot but nice enough to have a long soak also a water bottle. Works wonders. Maybe ask your doctor for stronger painrelief too. It's you that's suffering so try to pre-empt the next hurdle.

Keep in touch lovely do hope the pain will pass x

Hi Broderskim39,

Thank you for replying. I've taken so many different pain killers and nothing is helping. I'm on morphine patches and I think they have stopped working on me now. Morphine patches were the highest dose of pain killers my GP can give me, as I've tried every pain killers out there and they don't work. The only thing that does work is having an op to remove endo, but once removed the endo comes back really quickly for me😔

Have you heard on cannabis oil? I'm thinking of trying it, some women have said that cannabis oil has helped with their pains and have gotten rid of endo completely.

Good luck with your recovery hope it goes well for you.

I had partial hysterectomy done a few years ago and my endo still came back. My specialist wants to remove both my ovaries to slow down the return of endo coming back so quickly.

I'm laying down on the sofa with my best friend hot water bottle and a box of tissues 😢


I feel your pain lovely it's pretty shit! I have pillow cases filled with rice, when you put them in the microwave they retain heat so act a little like a hot water bottle only they get everywhere they need to. I'm lucky to have my hubby there to keep them heated for me. I agree with the lady before though, now I have a little plan that works for me it's still not great being in that much pain but its something!

Good luck xx

Sweetyassi in reply to Newqgirl1

Hi Edcmwilk,

Thanks for replying. I will try the pillow case filled rice and heat it up and see if it helps me. My hubby woke up and came down to see if he could help me, it's the first time in 7 years he's done that. As there was nothing he could do, I told him to go back to sleep and he did.


Aww hunni know how u feel Iv slept with the electric blanket and. Sleep with my stomach on it also have a hot shower and aim the shower head to my stomach are u due to see a specialist soon hunny I'm awaiting another appointment for gynaecology hope u get some relief soon hunny xx

Hi Nicolahunny,

Thanks for replying.

I've tried everything, hot soak in the bath, hot showers, at the moment I'm laying down on the sofa with my hot water bottle. The only thing that does help me is having an op to remove endo but then after a few weeks or a month later endo returns.


On days like this, I take Mefenamic acid caps and remain quiet on bed. I sometimes long for menopause

Hi habibaballa,

Thanks for replying.

I've tried Mefenamic they didn't work for me. I'm on morphine patches and they worked for a month and I think they have stopped working now.

I know I need another op as I have endo on my bladder, on both my ovaries, around my bowels.


Oh Dear, mine is on the umblicus. It used to bleed from there during menses but it has stopped. What remains is the cyclical pains.

There are no management options in Nigerian Public Hospitals that's why I learnt to live with the pains.

Moreover, I notice the symptoms never stops even after the Laparoscopy etc.I have never conceived in my life and am suffering from vaginal dryness which some Gynaes presume its the endometrial lesion that damaged my Barthonil's gland.

Its not easy at all.

Oh no, I've had endo for 7 years now and I still can't cope with the pains. I've had 5 operations and every time I'm only pain free for either 1 week or a month only, then my pains and endo returns.

I have endo inside my bladder and it's very painful and I have blood in my urine along with burning and stabbing pains.

Endo is something that I can't get used to, my bowels are damaged due to endo inside my bowels and now I have celiac disease and eating disorder as eating anything causes me great pain so I have to stick to liquids most of the time.


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