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In pain

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Warning!! Graphic picture!

I've been on cilest for about 3 months but about 3 weeks ago I started getting brown smelly discharge along with big brown clots and then after a week I started getting really heavy bleeding and had not stopped yet, I've also tried noresthirone to help with the bleeding but the bleeding seems to have increased with big clots now, I went to a&e yesterday but they sent me home saying it was a normal period!!!! The pain is so severe and it's a sharp pain, can't even walk to the a&e now, don't know what to do next..

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Go see you doctor asap or call out of hours! If you think something isn't right go with your gut! ❤️

Hope you are ok, I have a few times past something like this which felt like tissues and they said it was just womb lining, it's common apparently and some people pass a whole decidual cast. However with the pain would defiantly get checked out again, can someone take you back to hospital? Or a different hospital?

I do want to go hospital to get it checked out but waiting for 2-3 hours just sitting down will make my pain worse 😔

How are you doing? Did you manage to see someone?

I'm getting there, have been in bed since Thursday , hopefully I can see my gp on Wednesday as don't want to be waiting 7 hours in a&e the pain is somehow become worse and if I move I just feel crippled with the pain, thank you for checking up on me sometimes it feels like no one knows how I'm feeling xxx

Glad you are getting there and I hope that your GP can offer some help or an urgent referral to see someone. I understand the whole moving makes it so much worse.

I had this problem for years and was cilest also. Had my pill changed to yazmin but that made no difference. Suffered with it for around 6 years with doctors saying it's normal don't worry even when I had been rushed to AnE from being in so much pain.

I eventually had a diagnosis for endometriosis this week!

You and only you know your body well enough to decide if you think aomething is wrong! Stand your ground and demand answers and investigations!

Hope you have some relief soon!

Hey Kfaiza, how are you feeling now? Do you take any painkillers?

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Kfaiza1999 in reply to M1ssy

Doing better, thanks xx and yeah I've tried all painkillers under the sun but nothing seems to be working xx

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Lulububs in reply to Kfaiza1999


I used to have this problem, i was told it was endo and had yasmin for ten years then was told to come off.

Then it started again, i was fainting and was crippled over in pain and in bed for 24 hours every month eventually sent for emergency laparascopy and it was found i had no endo at all but i had q blood clotting problem so i was given transexamic acid and i started 4 months ago and it has changed my life, my periods are normal, no clots that look like urs or liver, not so much pain, not so heavy, i can function and not have to take to bed. So mayb try these.

I always make sure i start naproxen a couple days before due on to and then cocodamol as soon as i come on every 41/2 hours do not let the pain get u , u control the pain dont let it control u

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M1ssy in reply to Kfaiza1999

Have you tried mefenamic acid tablets for the pain and tranexamic acid tablets to reduce the blood flow? I still take mefenamic but had to stop the tranexamic as I was still bleeding very heavy...I first started to take these in December 2012 when I was diagnosed...

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Kfaiza1999 in reply to M1ssy

Yeah I've tried mefenamic acid but that helped before but doesn't now, I've also tried naproxen, co-codamol and the usual paracetamol and neurofon, I've also had buscopen to help with the bowel spasm but this couple of days nothing has helped

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