I've been in my period on and off for 7/8 days!

I'm just writing because I'm kind off worried about what is up. I normally bleed for about 3/5 days and it's always regular. I'm 18 years old and have been on the contraceptive pill for nearly 2 months now. I've been bleeding on and off for 7/8 days and want to know what's up with me because I'm kind of scared and worried. I started bleeding and it was bright red and really light for one day then the next I was fine. The day after it was the same ad the first then I was fine then the day after that I was bleeding again medium for about 3 days then I was off for a day now I'm bleeding light like at the start. And at one point there was blood clots mixed with the blood. And in top of this ive been getting really bad belly cramps, back aches and feeling sick. I also become very hungry. But get full after one or two bites. I just wanna know what this could be xx

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Which pill are you taking? Xxx


Hi you can bleed for longer but i would go see your GP i dont mean to worry you but it could be that you need your endometrium looking at by hystoscopy for malignancies or you may even be having a miscarraige or it could just be our own weird bodies, i once had 2 periods in 1 month when i was about 18 but it never happened again. It may also be an infection or other things a gp might diagnose. Id go see your gp/ doctor even maybe a sexual health centre possibly asap dont let it linger and tell them everything. Im sure they will take it seriously and better sooner than later so it doesnt store up possibly worse problems in the future. It may be something a course of antibiotics can fix but it is better you have it checked out. Good luck feel free to pm me if you want to let me know how you get on hugs c xxxx

Thanks and I'm off back to the clinic when I need to get more pills I'll talk about it then. The bleeding has seemed to stop unless I go for a poo and it's only a few drops on the tissue xx

Good girl take care xx

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