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I am having such a bad month with my endo. I am on so many tablets and jabs yet nothing is working so far. I am bleeding loads again with big clots while also being in pain leaving me on the floor not being able to move crying. After my 3rd op 2 years ago i thought yes we sorted it but unfortunately it's back and fighting but I was really hoping it was gone so having a bad time coming to tearms with it.

Has any one else had ops and it still came back?

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Hey XXX sorry you are suffering so much.

Have you been tested for Adenomyosis as well as endo?

Has it come back in the same places?

What hormone treatment did you take?


No I haven't and I haven't heard of that, what is it?

I don't know yet where as I am waiting for the operation but they said it sounds like it's back and I am feeling all the same symptoms as before.

I have had the implant, coil, jab and pills. I have tried mostly everything. I am currently on the jab but not having it again because it's not helped one bit.


I have just looked it up and it does sound a bit like me and the fact I have had 3 operations and I have been on so many different hormones for years and years trying to sort out my periods and pains.


Maybe worth asking them to take a biopsy during your procedure. Your treatment plan may be different if it's both.

Hugs I've yet to find a hormone treatment that works too. My endo type ( recto vaginal) is one that is often hormone resistant.


Yeah I may do any thing that could help me! Thank you again.

Am glad I'm not the only one, it gets to me at the moment with it all being in the news but all about people being getting better after their operations. I can't seem to find any thing that will work. What have you tried?

See I dunno what mine is my specials never says, I don't know what stage I have. all I know is that I had it all over but had it in two places mainly my Bowles and bladder. Which they have given me some damage with my last operation!

Big hugs back at you!


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