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Has Anyone ever passed very large blood clots (fist size) with their periods? I'm scared.

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hi everyone for the last 3 months I've been passing very large fist sized clots during my period never had them this big before. I have been back and forth to my gp as in a lot of pain. Been told this is normal. But something is telling me that passing clots this big is not normal. I'm not due to see my gynaecologist until September/October.

The pain I'm having aswell is the worst I've ever had with my Endometriosis.

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Never had clots that size poor you Have you had any fibroids treatment?

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shellouer in reply to Linley

They found a fibroid last year but said it was small so shouldn't cause any issues.

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Linley in reply to shellouer

Agree with OsteraMoon suggest you get consultation with gynae even if it's by telephone. Take care

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shellouer in reply to Linley

will do thank you xx

That sounds really scary, all I can say is there is no way that can be normal. I understand large clots but fist size is huge. It sounds like fibroids or cysts coming out. I would maybe see if you can reach your gynae as to me that doesn’t seem right. I would insist on seeing your specialist. Please let us know how you get on xxx

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shellouer in reply to OstaraMoon

Will keep trying to get through to my specialist.

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OstaraMoon in reply to shellouer

Yeah I would just to be 100% sure

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Thank you xx

Hi, I have had the same for years I had one the size of a small watermelon before and ended up In hospital. My gynaecologist says it’s normal 😩 I haven’t been diagnosed with endometriosis yet as ongoing tests and they keep brushing me off. I hope you feel better soon, try a tens machine that works xx

I had a endo operation in january and plus last week.Beetween I had a two large blood clothes to remove naturaly.The size was incredible and came with lot’s of blood and water.

It’s was a horror movie.And the smell I couldn’t take it.

When I went to see them the only things just make a scan and book a MRI.

They told me it’s not natural to move liki this but possible.They wanted to drained.

So my suggests try to speak to your gp.She have can get you a scan just to make sure everything ok and make you relax.But to be honest I am not getting surprise anymore.Because they just keep saying sorry and giving a painkiller.

It’s not a life to live like this.But the only way we have now.Up and down.

Darling we have to be very strong for all this situation and don’t be scare.If you feel something not right try to get a second opinion or change gp.My support me so much and this is mean for me a lot’s.

A week ago I am living with stoma as well,my endo spread out and my first gp wasn’t care enough.So all this time and wait and mistakes cost for me now a lot’s.

Life too short just for suffer.

Go for it.You know your body than any other doctor and someone out there will be generous enough to listen to you.

I have....i used to get clots that i had to pull out literally (sorry for graphic image there) but i truly suggest, as nasty as it is, taking a photo for evidence and speaking to gynae and GP..... Since my coil fitted i get huge pain, and they cant actually leave as simply as they were before :( so they break down extremely slowly.... my private gynae consultant is monitoring me quite closely to work out what is happening....but yes i suggest contacting the GP as a bare minimum.... if you wanna chat just message me.

Tow year a go I had same situation and they did mri ,and find out that I had polyp.

And that’s why I had Havy blood clots

Yes... :(

I had large clots and backache and was diagnosed with Adenomyosis.

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