Hello all Ladies

Hope everybody is well.

Just a quick question I had my 4th prostrap injection on Tuesday. :(

I've started bleeding and blood clots and getting bad headaches.

Is this normal for prostrap or is it a reaction to the injection.

I'm getting quite worried now. Everytime I have an injection a few days after having it i bleed. But this is the worst with blood clots and headaches.

Please can somebody help.

Thank you



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  • A really bad headache after the injection was normal for me, it was severe and I'd have to go to bed. But I didn't have any bleeding on Prostap after the first month, it might be best to check with your doctor if this is anything to be concerned about Xx

  • I had a headache and I bled after all of my prostap injections and I had mine for nine months. I ended up having the coil to stop the bleeding. I think everyone reacts differently so I wouldn't worry too much xx

  • The bleeding is possibly down to the lowering of the hormones. Like before a period hormones go down and you bleed . Hyping may need slightly higher dose of hrt but see your doc ask about this same with the headache / migraine can be fall in hormone level. See if they can tweak your hrt a bit - I'm assuming they are giving you hrt . If not ask for it get it !!!

  • Hello caroljane80,

    Thank you for youreply. My Dr's are refusing me hrt. My dr has said what is the point of having hormones taken out with prostrap then to put them back with HRT. I'm really confused gyne says I need hrt. But my Dr's say I don't. My Dr's say I shouldn't bleed. Gyne say it's normal I don't know who or what to believe.

    Thank you



  • You can have a little hrt it doesn't stop the help the prostrap does as it's s tiny amount to stop u going mad basically. Sorry the doc who said this is a sick see another one. If your desperate u can get online but pm me privately first if you want some details. I think I can even get a uk genuine prescription and consultation in uk online for hrt. So it's safe xxx

  • I'd choose the gyne over the gp. See gyne often they can prescribe the hormones for you .

  • Hello caroljane80

    I rung gynecology this morning. Got told the prostrap, probably isn't working. That's why I keep bleeding every time I have injection




  • At least that's something you know now I hope it is the truth. I'm not sure it worked on me with ny the end my periods came back while still on it but I thought it was because I took small amounts of an old combination contraceptive pill as I was sick of my acne. I will look up what prostrap is again to be sure I think it is supposed to be the same type of drug as zolodex a gonadatrohin agonist but I will check. Hugs

  • Hello there

    I would like to thank all the ladies that have helped me,

    I really hate having endometriosis. The rubbish the Dr's pump us with to Palm us off.

    Then you get conflicting stories from gynecology and own Dr's. Gyne will tell you one thing then our Dr's will say something totally different.

    So you never know who to belive.

    Thank you to you all.



  • Bless u . I don't know why some of them bloody practice medicine to be honest . Lol

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