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Strange marks EXACTLY where pain is

Noticed something strange and wondering if anyone has the same.

I've noticed that recently I've had like a red kind of rash appear EXACTLY where my pain is.

Initially I thought they were stretch marks but I have stretch marks and these look entirely different!!

Has anyone seen the same? I've taken some photos but a little scared to post when they're so close to downstairs😂

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Might be your hot water bottle causing it if you use one a lot.


I was thinking what

Lizzielizzielizzie Said I get rashes sometimes from my hot water bottle that last for ages they are enough to alarm you until you know what they are 💗🤗😘


Even if I hadn't had one in a few days? Xx


I have bad periods and had a lap 7 weeks ago and i fell asleep with my scorching hot water bottle on belly!

I was told by gynae when she saw it that it wont go as it has burnt my veins and it has not gone 7 weeks down line so she was right.

Now i cover hottie with a thick towel so i dont get more

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Oh goodness that's crazy!!

Maybe it's that, I do always have a hot water bottle on my sore bits! Xx


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