Can endo cause stretch marks?

Can endo cause stretch marks?

Hi everyone,

sorry I haven't been on for a while... been having a really difficult couple of months...

Over the past 1-2 months, I've noticed horrific stretch marks on the sides of my boobs, my hips and my tummy.

I look as if I'm pregnant! I have gained at least 2 stone and my doctor thinks it's due to the pill I'm on... but my diet is fine and I work out a lot.

I'm not even sexually active so there's no possible way I have a baby inside me, plus I've done tests and had ultrasounds anyway.. (Sorry for tmi)

Has any one else experienced the same thing? They're making me feel ugly and ashamed of my body, I'm only 18 and it's just really difficult for me... I'd understand if I had a baby or was really over weight but I'm only 80 kg.. and I eat healthily and exercise so I really don't understand why my body is doiing this..

I'm probably over reacting, but I just wanted to know if any one has had the same?

I've inserted a pic below... it's gross but just so you can see..

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Also I'd just like to mention, 3 months ago I wrote a post about weight gain and weight flactuation, I was 70kg one day and three days later 74 kg then back to 70. I'm now between 76 - 80 kg.

I couldn't tell you why this has happened maybe it is because of your pill. I'm in diagnosed too. Iv just read your weight fluctuation post. And it's stricken a cord with me. Iv been trying to loose weight since I had my daughter now what happens with me is. I get really big a week before period and during then a week after I go down and belly goes flat waist bum hips go down. Then around ovulation I blow up then go back down till week before period. My biggest time seems to be week before period I don't weigh myself in fact I don't have scales I get obsessed with it. My clothes say it all. But I know iv put on 2 stone and that 2 has not gone nowhere in last 3 years it just goes from mid section different times of month. Makes me think more about endo been a strong possibility for me. Sorry I wish I could she'd some light on your weight gain. Just keep your Tummy well moisturized almond oil works wonders xx

Thanks for you reply, I've been thinking maybe it's the polcystic ovaries too as my doctor said that can cause weight gain which would explain the 10kg over 3-4 months in total, which has been un explained weight gain. And the hormones would make sense too, I haven't had a period in 4 month as I'm on desogestrol which can stop your periods, so I often get bloated around ovulation and look pretty much pregnant haha, I'all have to try almond oil! Thank you , hope you get some answers soon too xxx

Bless ya. Iv read polycystic ovaries cause weight gain too. Your welcome for reply. It's nice to talk to other ladies that go through similar problems and get and give advice. Hope you start feeling better soon. Xx

I had acne scars because my high estrogen levels resulted in cystic acne (my dermatologist said) but I've cleared them up with cerave, it's about 13£ (If the math is right, I'm in Canada so I used a conversion) for a big tub, it really helped my scars go down, and if you get dry feet or hands it's amazing. It contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid which helps rebuild skin. Also you can use vitamin E. I've heard exfoliating helps but only do that twice a week.

I think it's hormones as MissWorried said I would gain weight off of my period & the minute I had it I lost it all.

Are you using heating pads or hot water bottles with moisturizer? I'm asking because I didn't and my skin got really dry because I kept drawing moisture out of my skin.

My stretch marks are paler compared to the rest of my skin, I got a few on my belly and cellulite.

Do you get bloating too? Because if you get endo belly that might be the cause of the ones on your stomach.

Rapid weight gain, or rapid growth during puberty/adolescence or pregnancy will cause stretch marks. Try Bio Oil to help your skin.

I fully reached puberty a while ago and I'm not pregnant so neither of those two will be the reason. As for rapid weight gain I've gained about 10kg over 3-4 months in total but this keeps flactuating up and down and I've been exercising and eating health so I wouldn't say 'rapid' as such. I do have polycsystic ovaries and possible endo I'm waiting for a lap, so maybe this is why

I have this and it's actually awful, I'm 21 and woke up one day with my stomach and tops of my thighs covered. I think it's because of my pill because my body measurements always stay the same when my weight changes and I'll swell weekly.

The only thing I've found that reduces them is 'mamma mio goodbye stretch marks'. It's sort of pricey but it fades them so quickly, only problem is I then swell up and they come back.

I hope this helps!

Oh my gosh thank you so much, literally the same thing happened to me. I didn't even have them slowly start out they just appeared randomly and they're on my boobs thighs and in the picture above the bottom of my tummy! Deffo going to look in to that product, it sounds ridiculous but I'd pay anything just to be able to like my body again despite this horrible condition :( thanks for your help! Hope your swelling stops soon xx

Youvenust brought back a memory.j ust after I started my periods age 14 I got hideous stretch marks my thighs hips bum all covered in purple stretch marks I screamed when I went to the loo the morning I discovered them. My mum didn't even know what they we're then my aunt told her that they we're stretch marks I'm growing to fast for my skin. ( I just took what my auntie said as it's as simple as that) and continued to try get rid of them. No one ever told me how. Internet wasn't that popular then I'm 31 now. Stretch marks are horrid you just learn to deal with them and realise it's part of being a woman and that you'll always have them but you can fade them dramatically.

I really feel for women like you that have problems so young. I am 36 and have only had problems with endo for the past 18 months. I have had two children so I already had stretch marks and a c/section scar. My skimpy clothes days are long gone. I now have scars from laparoscopies and hysterectomy but it doesn't bother me, probably because I am married it isn't an issue. I would have been devastated to be like this when I was 18 years old though. It must wear down your confidence and make building new relationships difficult. Also the issue of future fertility must be a worry to so many people. I feel thankful that I did not have issues when I was younger and i sincerely hope that progress in treatment is made so that this condition does not go on to affect young women for all their child-bearing years.


Thank you for your kind words, it really is a struggle when I've battled so much in my life already, cancer, eating disorders, you name it, this kind of thing shouldn't bother me because I'm lucky to have beaten Cancer anyway, but it really knocks your confidence especially at just 18 years old, I feel like I can't even meet anyone, get in a relationship or be intimate with anyone because I hate my body, I feel uncomfortable with these sudden stretch marks, I'm always too tired and I'm always in pain! It's difficult to deal with it, but I guess I'm going to have to learn to live with it and like my body the way it is, there's only so many lotions I can use, so much weight I can shred, I'm going to have laparoscopy scars soon too, so I have to suck it up! Wishing you recovery with your endo and operations xx

I'm sorry to hear that you have already had to battle cancer. You are obviously a strong person. If you can beat cancer then you can do anything. You will find ways to cope with this too. Beauty comes from within. Anyone who really matters will see past stretch marks and scars. x

Thank you , I hope they do. I'm sure by the time I find someone I want to be with I'll be older and won't care as much.. xx

On my second pregnancy with old scars from my first and they were beginning to pop up a few more so I ordered dermalmd stretch mark serum. I have only been using for a week and my old scars are slightly lighter and new scars have quit hurting and skin doesn't feel stretched like before. I used palmers during both and it just wasn't enough. Will update after 4 weeks. Highly recommend. I hate my stretch marks!

I also have had weight fluctuations. I was 57kg now down to 50! No idea why - last year I was 54kg and it just dropped off.

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