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First Lap Coming Up

Hi All,

I have my first laparoscopy on the 6th October and my pre-op appointment this coming Friday. I have been lucky in that I have a good consultant who booked me in for the Lap as soon as she could. However I am quite worried about the whole process and what to expect.

Also wondering what questions I should ask on Friday or if there's anything useful I should know about or before my Lap.

Thank You

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Personally I've found my two laparoscopy surgeries far more straightforward and easier to recover from than I expected. I know it's easy to say but please try not to worry, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine.

Sometimes a laparoscopy can be a day surgery which means you don't stay in hospital overnight, although I did stay for one night both times so it's best to be prepared with an overnight bag just in case.

My top tips for after would be peppermint tea for relieving the symptoms of the trapped gas they use to inflate your pelvis to get a good look inside. Also try to walk around at home when you are recovering. It's important to rest but short walks (five/ten minutes) every so often really helped me.

If you have any questions just ask! Xxx

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Thanks for replying!

That's good to hear I'm hoping I have a good recovery and I know I should probably not worry so much but I just feel I don't know what to expect. I have already stocked the peppermint tea and a hot water bottle, do you recommend having someone at home with me or were you ok on your own? xx


Ask for a copy of your report and pictures also ask if they plan to treat what they see. And a pillow to be with you on the journey home. aswel as what the lady above said. Good luck hun 💗🤗😘


Thank you I will do! Xxx


It's really straightforward! You'll be just fine. Expect to have some gas pain after surgery (very common to feel the pain in your shoulder) so have a heat pad ready for that. I also used ice on my stomach, because one of my incision sights felt very bruised. For me, the gas pains lasted 5 days, and I felt good enough to go for a walk about 2 weeks post op. Felt totally normal 1 month post op. My first post op period was very, very heavy.


Thanks I'm hoping so! Is there a particular pain killer that can help with the gas pain? Were you sort of bed bound for a couple of weeks or were you able to do things around the home? xx


I was up and moving slowly a couple of days later. But I got tired easily and needed to rest. If you have children make sure you've got childcare sorted for the first week post op.

No pain relief even touched the gas pain. I found that sleeping half sitting up helped the pain at night. Heat pad, stretching up high to help move the gas. That kind of thing.


That's good for you then, I don't have children I have a lively dog though haha. Yes I am going to stock up on heat pads thank you xx


Maybe ask a friend to come and walk your dog for the first week! Too much exercise too soon can really hurt. Good luck.


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