Second lap

Hi ladies 

Im due to have my second lap on friday and i was wondering if i need to buy some night dresses rather than pjs so they dont rub on my belly? Also it says on the letter from hospital to bring some sanitary towels. I cant remember much about my first lap but i remember bleeding. As i dont have periods due to mini pill does everyone bleed and how long for? Sorry i know these questions may sound daft but im getting nervous now and worrying about everything! 

Thanks ladies xxx

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I used pajamas that were too big for me so I could wear them low and loose t.shirts or loose nightdress on top. If I felt like anything was rubbing I taped a bit of gauze just loosely over the wound so that it was protected from the rubbing but not completely closed off from the air. I bought pantyliners, night towels and normal towels, I ended up barely bleeding and using the pantyliners by the next day, however I would probably still buy the same again cos you just never know and better to have too much than not enough! A lifesaver for me with the post op gas pain was teapigs liquorice and mint tea it really helped me! Hope this is useful to you. All the best with your op. X

Thankyou so much for your advice! Can you get the tea from supermarket? I cant remember getting the shoulder pain last time but want to be prepared. 

How long was your recovery? x

I know Tesco sells it but its about four pound, lidl do a good rip off of it. I had the tea pig and the lidl version, tea pig helped that bit more but only slightly the lidl one wasn't far off the same effect! Something I did was fill up a flask and make myself the tea from bed whenever I needed or wanted it. I had quite a long recovery but I had been very run down for months leading up to the op and I am now under investigation for chronic pain syndrome which would explain why my recovery was long so don't be alarmed but it was 6 weeks before I started going out again properly. However I've spoke to ppl that were up and back to normal function within a few days. X

I got a large onesie which I lived in. Also I had the hospital make up some peppermint oil type stuff that you diluted in a small amount of boiled water for the gas. You can't buy it anywhere. Don't remember if I bled or not. Good luck 

I had a lap 3 weeks ago and I didn't bleed, I've got mirena coil. I had pads at home just in case. Like others said - peppermint tea, helped me with the gas. Top up on paracetamol and ibuprofen. I was walking about in loose pyjamas, I was in bed for 10 days, I was in a lot of pain. I'm better now but still get tired really easily. And I got my first period after lap - yuk, sore and passing clots, didn't think this would happen when I've got the coil. The other thing - if you get sent home with codeine (I did) I ended up constipated - get some laxido or some other laxative. For the journey home I recommend taking a pillow to protect your tummy (journey home was a nightmare for me, a long and bumpy road!). Hope it all goes well and you have a speedy recovery. 

Thankyou all ladies for the advice i really appreciate it 😀 xxx

I was able to wear pants after my lap and didn't need to buy any special clothing. I just made sure to keep the waistbands of my pants off of the incisions. I had a small amount of bleeding afterwards.

Good luck, hope everything goes well :)

Thats good to know thankyou. Im so uncomfortable now in leggins my belly is so swollen i look 6 months pregnant 😕 roll on friday and hopefully get some answers. Thankyou xxx

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