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Belly button incision won't heal up - anyone had the same?

I had my 3rd lap on 19th June this year. I have had the worse time healing this time round. I had a reaction to the glue and all around my inicisions were covered in blisters. Next to my belly button incision was a particulary bad one and basically it looks like it has stopped the incision healing as 3 months on it's still open. It's also been infected and I am currently on my 4th lot of antiobiotics! ( it's been swabbed to find out exactly what it is) The district nurse seems to think there is something deep that is stopping it from healing i.e a foreign body like some glue or a stitch. My doctor thinks it could be a collection of fluid or abit of awkward scar tissue. Basically noone will agree and I have to wait until 25th Sep for an ultrasound!

Has anyone had a similiar issue??

I am completely fed up. It's sore and painful and I really don't want to take anymore antibiotics. It's obviously resistant to them :(

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My belly button was the worst to heal I had infection too no blisters though the infection lasted a while though antibiotics then another set my infection went but belly button didn't heal for a while we all have different healing times though. What I did find is once I started taking the serrapetase (enzyme that eats away at scar tissue mucous etc helps with inflammation) my belly button healed rapidly and the stitches dropped out too maybe something to Google and maybe consider they advice to take it after surgery due to it helping stop scar tissue forming. Hope you get some relief soon hun.



mine hasn’t healed well either whereas the wounds on the side of my abdomen healed within a month or less, in august it will have been 1 year since i have had the surgey and the glue is still stuck inside my belly button. it looks like it did when i got the surgery, and i feel like the shape they tried affixing it to has deformed and it’s not holding. i also still have slight plain when i attempt to clean the glue out or spread it to look inside. i’m also kinda bummed my belly button looks different than it used to :(( i hate these glue stiches!


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