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Advice please

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Firstly thanks for reading. Am writing to ask advice.

So am 14 days post op following a hysterectomy all day today I have felt like am going to bleed like you do at start of a period. Am then like I ve no womb to bleed from however I went to the toilet and am spotting.

For the first 2 days I had some light bleeding then nothing up today and now am shitting my self, anxiety through the roof, worried and scared.

I have rested, no heavy lifting, only been out of the house twice for a 5 min walk if that.

can someone please advised what I should do ??

This can’t be normal can it ? I am ment to be healing.

Any advice would be much appreciated


10 Replies
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I think it is post operation bleeding, you can contact your hospital ward for help.

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Hi, I'm 10 weeks post total hysterectomy, I also had bleeding in the first couple of weeks and then light spotting until 6 weeks. I had keyhole surgery.

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Bassem1979 in reply to Swimmer75

thank you

I know am only 2 weeks post op and probably getting my self worked up for nothing.

Am not bleeding like heavy, it’s smearing and spotting. But it’s worried me cause I have been fine for like 10 days then started feeling like I do when am due on a period that feeling going to bleed. Then went to toilet and had a bright red spot and then dark smearing in my underwear. No blood when passing urine and hit and miss when wiping.

Am I over worrying ?

My head just a bit mashed at the min.


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Swimmer75 in reply to Bassem1979

Hiya, I was the same. I was bleeding for about 3 days after op, then had nothing for about 10 days, but my doctor told me that was normal it didn't last long, then it was just like spotting but I think it's a sign your healing. I haven't taken any pain medication for 5 weeks, I'm back swimming 2 weeks ago and walking but not lifted anything heavy yet and back to work after Xmas holidays. Xx

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Bassem1979 in reply to Swimmer75

when did you have your op ?

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Swimmer75 in reply to Bassem1979

I had my op 27th September

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I am three years down the line and a couple of times had bleeding but it was from a broken vein apparently.

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hey! I had my operation about 4 months ago and I was bleeding to begin with. It got heavier around week 3 with some pain and clots and I called the hospital and had an infection. Antibiotics cleared it up and then no problems at all. They said there would be some bleeding but it should not fill a pad within an hour. If you are worried do give your GP a call. It can be unsettling I was worried but am starting to really feel much better now. Remember it’s a big op and to take it easy x

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As you have now gathered a hysterectomy is a big operation. Spotting and bleeding need to be properly investigated. Please speak with your doctor. I know it is really difficult to get appointments and so on, but you really do need medical input. When it comes to anything "down there" or "Women's things" Women are really bad at going and asking for help. Don't be afraid. Go and ask. It might be something and nothing, (I know you will feel guilty for bothering the doctor with silly women things) but if it is something going wrong, soonest done soonest better. Think on this: If it was one of your children, you would have them around the docs before their feet touched the floor. Do the same for yourself. Doctors are health care people; it is their work to look after your health. They would rather see you now than when you are needing hospital care. (They can get a bit twitchy when it comes to letting people have beds, it upsets the hospital managers, and there is no one more scary than the hospital bed manager 😅.) Look after yourself for your children's sake. I know you won't do it for yourself, mums never do.

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I had a hysterectomy in June and had barely any bleeding straight away. However, after about 7 weeks I had a rather heavy bleed with big clots. I went to the emergency gynae who checked me over and said it was likely due to where the blood had "pooled" inside and was just finding it's way out. Apparently it's common, but best to get checked over.

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