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Was hoping for some re-assurance or success stories. I have endometriosis on POD... suffer daily from pain ect. Im TTC for the first time, this is my 2nd proper month and i am basically terrified, my anxiety is through the roof... its all i think about.

Ive basically diagnosed myself as infertile. Has anyone any advice or success stories of TTC with endometriosis on POD?

Ta 😊

K x

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Hi, i hope to give re assurance i too am ttc.

i have stage 4 endo inc pod. Trying since July 16, i have other major endo problems that have affected fertilty. Everyone is different and this is easier said than done but try to relax, i was desperate to conceive as soon as the coil came out. Stress will not help with trying to make a baby, i put so much on me and my husband during my fertile phase it sucked the passion and enjoyment from our relationship for a while.

If you dont mind me asking, have u had ur tubes tested? It may help to ease ur mind if u know they are clear.

Good luck x

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karenk87 in reply to SEB88

Thanks for your reply... yeah ive had my tubes tested and they were clear in June/July of this year. I also had a cyst on my ovary, but it had shrunk since the scan, so they just left it alone and i went back on the pill for a month to help with the pain.

I totally understand about sucking the passion out lol, i feel im obsessing about fertility and its putting a strain on my relationship. I think its the unknown for me? Im just so convinced that im going to have issues that i cant relax.

Have you been to your GP? I was told if ive not had any luck in 10 months... to go back and get the ball rolling, although i dont think i could cope with the symptoms for 10 months lol!

Well i wish you all the luck in the world and hopefully you will get your good news soon!

K x

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SEB88 in reply to karenk87

That is gd ur tubes are clear, my left isnt right who knows. My ivf cycle starts after my surgery as recommended by my bage centre. The ivf cycle planning hasnt been straight forward due to my op date being moved and it has caused extra stress esp as i now jave to force/trick my body into delaying my period due 2 days before op so they can put the camera up and administer zoladex to start ivf :-(

Its a road full of pot holes atm, good luck with your journey x

Hi, I also had/have Endo in Pod. From what I know it was quite extensive and my bowel was stuck to my womb. I had surgery March 2016, within a month or two I started getting pain again so think it had come back. I wanted a baby and also some relief from the pain so started trying for a baby in August 2016.......I was pregnant by the following month!!! I know have a 4/5 month old beautiful baby girl!!! There is hope, not everyone is made infertile by this horrible disease. Do you know if your tubes are okay? I thought mine would be blocked by the Endo as I had it everywhere but my tubes were fine xxx

Sorry just seen you had already said u we're told ur tubes are clear x

SEB88... good luck with your IVF cylce, positive thoughts comming your way!

Amber83... congratulations on your baby girl. Your situation sounds similar to mine. The pain has also returned after surgery end of June... hopefully i can have the same outcome as you!

This is a horrible thing to have, robs you of so much... i dont want a family to be one of them.

K x

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