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Pouch of Douglas


Does anyone know what stage endometriosis is when it's on the pouch of Douglas I was told it was somewhere else but I can't remember 😬 was too out of it, then I forgot my discharge notes 😒 partner off back tomorrow for them x

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Hope your well.

I have it on my pouch of Douglas with rectovaginal endo. I was told that it would usually be stage 4 but was told mine is stage 3 as it is contained in the same area, rectum, pod, lower part ureters and not on ovaries, tubes etc.

Bubblepoppy in reply to Cactus80

Thanks for your reply Cactus80 i should find out more today as my partner is picking up my discharge notes that we forgot after the lap, I was in a rush to get home to rest properly, sore today tho and the trapped wind is 😱 x

Cactus80 in reply to Bubblepoppy

Oh no!!! Trapped is horrible added to everything else going on. Hope you find out more soon and can enjoy your Christmas. Lots of love x

Bubblepoppy in reply to Cactus80

Same to you I'll let you know once I get them, have a great Christmas yourself xx

HI bubble poppy, I have endo on my pouch of Douglas and on my uterosacral ligaments and I'm only a stage 1.

It is so hard to remember what they say afterwards. 😂 I was exactly the same.

Hope you are doing ok afterwards and have a good recovery. Take your time and don't rush anything, give your body time to heal. X X X

Awe thanks for your reply I will give myself time to recover at the minute it's killing me my painkillers aren't working very well ☹️ so I'm throbbing with a stinking headache, and I wasn't given anything to bring home to take, hope your doing well xx

Hi, did you manage to find out what stage you are?

How's your recovery going? Xxx

Hiya my recovery is going really well I'm still sore and can't bend much but I feel loads better already thanks I'm not sure of the stage yet but I think mine is 1 because it was only POD and the umbilical, they said it was minimal the pain wasn't minimal tho 😂 how are you hope your doing well xx

I'm glad you managed to get an answer. It is such a relief to know what's wrong isn't it? I'm the same as you was minimal but was in so much pain! Definitely not minimal pain! I'm ok, I am nearly three months post lap, but my pain is back already. I think it's almost the same as before so that is a shame. Hope that you get better results but yeahs, take your time recovering! X X X

Oh that is a shame the crap we have to go through hay I do hope mine stays away longer and you get sorted out soon, was you on anything to suppress its regrowth or wasn't you given anything, do you think they maybe could have missed some somewhere, I haven't been given nothing but I'm asking my GP when I see him xx

You'll need to speak to the doctor. It's so strange. I used to think it meant stage 3 or 4 but it can also mean stage 1 or 2. Depends on whether it was peritoneal,microscopic or DIE. Hope you get some answers. Just remember thigh, the amount of disease does not correlate to the amount of pain a person has. Stages don't equate to pain levels. I know women withstage 4 and frozen pelvis who have zero pain and women with a few dots who are almost disabled.

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