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Ultrasound update

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Ultrasound results are in apparently no endo in my abdomen however do have a 6cm cyst attached to my left kidney now being referred to urologist had hysterectomy in Feb 2017 and cyst was attached to left kidney so clearly all the cells didn't get removed but they r saying that it's not endo hence the urologist referral

In so much pain every day feels like someone is stabbing me n twisting the knife at the same time but GP says I can't possibly be in that much pain with a cyst I tried to explain how tired n how much pain I'm in but still saying it's not endo advice needed really do I wait for the urologist app or go bk n see my gynaecologists Xx

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Big hugs, that's a large cyst. It makes me mad when someone says you can't be in pain when you obviously are or you wouldn't tell them!

I don't think we can advise you , you know your body best.

Is a second opinion by a BSGE centre endo consultant a possibility while you wait for the urology appointment? You would want someone with experience of post hysterectomy Endo recurrence, which we know can sometimes happen even though it's not common.

Are you on Hrt?

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Nic2430 in reply to Starry

Hi I am on hrt tried to go without after hysterectomy but the flushes were terrible so had to give in and start on it.

Nearest BSGE is 2 hours away think I'm gonna go see gynaecologist again just as a 2nd opinion as I'm convinced it's endo just by the pain and extreme fatigue Xx

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Not sure if you know this already, apologies if you do, but ultrasound generally doesn't show endometriosis and arnt used for diagnosis. I would agree with starry to see a bsge specialist if possible x

Wasn't clear whether you had ever had a laporoscopy? This is the only way to diagnose endo properly

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Nic2430 in reply to sanchia46

Hi had a lap in 2015 which diagnosed endo then hysterectomy feb2017 x

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sanchia46 in reply to Nic2430

Keep a pain diary. Goggle for one and use this whenever you see your doc.

Oh hon, that's so awful. And many of us have been there. Like Starry says, you know your body better than anyone - one of my biggest complaints about the medical profession is how short-sighted specialists are: they know their area and they don't look at the whole picture. Trust your instincts, you're the only one with a comprehensive perspective.

Cysts can give loads of pain. You will need to cut it out but Im sure that a good endo surgeon can do it. Good luck.

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