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Laparoscopy nightmare, infection and fed up. Help! :-(

Just got back from hospital after being admitted at 6pm yesterday in agony. Had Lap done 6 days ago felt ok and in the mend then had a serious relapse with shooting pains in my abdomen and so tired. Had heavy bleeding Sunday and Monday (yesterday) I was passing large blood clots the size of a satsuma. Hospital at A&E wanted me to stay in on gynae ward and go on IV antibiotics but once I got on the ward they had no beds available so the junior on call gynaecologist discharged me from hospital with antibiotics, pain relief and tranexamic acid to reduce the bleeding and more iron tablets to help with the blood loss, told to rest up at home and wait for a scan date. I'm so frustrated as after suffering with years of abdo pain opted with help of consultant to have this lap and mirena fitted. Now I feel it's been a waste of time as got an infection, lost the mirena and in agony. Wish I'd never bothered as told that I may have further scaring from the lap op and will have to have a scan to see how bad the scar damage in my tissue is! Point of me having lap op was to fix past scaring, doc has said I could have another op to sort it again. Thinking I may just have to give up and live with the constant pain down there rather than putting myself through more surgery! I'm really feeling down as I can't even pick up my 6 month old daughter at the moment due to the pain. My poor partner is looking after her and will have to return to work this week, we have no family close by to help. Sorry for the rant...Any advice on what to do ladies? Be grateful of any support or words of wisdom. Thanks x

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear your not having a great time with it all. I too had my lap done last Thursday. Thought I was feeling ok and then this morning I've woke up with bad stomach and acid pain. Don't know if that's the right thing. I have also developed a small cough and am not sleeping. I completely get why you wouldn't want this again I'm in the same mind set. It's so hard having to deal with this. I was diagnosed with stage 2 endo apparently it's everywhere but not to deep if that makes sense. My surgeon burned and excised what he could see away but does explain why in 3 years I still haven't gotten pregnant and all the pain I'm in every month. It sucks being a woman sometimes and having to deal with this. Try and keep your head up, it will pass and you'll be your normal self again soon!

Take care x


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