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Fed up !


I'm 19 year old and suffer really bad pains my GP said that iv got all the sighs for endometriosis and send me to the hospital iv been to see the doctor today and she as refused an operation to see if iv got it as she said I am to young to have such a serious operation and was scaring me with what she said could go wrong. I really would like this op to see if I have got it 100% would really like to know what is the matter as its running me down do you think it's worth saving and see someone private as all the doctors keep doing is giving me pain killers but not seeing what the pain really is

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Do you think you might be able to go private? I was diagnosed with suspected endometriosis by my (NHS) GP at age 19 and a couple of months later had a laparoscopy with a private specialist at age 20, and he had no problems performing it - he just said he wanted to see such a "young woman" get some help with the problem.

The after effects of the laparoscopy were no picnic by any means, but it's good to have peace at mind and know where you stand so you can start to get it treated. The private route is expensive unfortunately, but it might be your best shout.

PM me if you'd like any more advice from someone of a similar age

Best of luck x


Thank you so much appreciated think private might be the best out come X


I was diagnosed with endo by laparoscopy in early twenties this was years of being told I was too young!

Please insist and don't give up they only agreed once I got to an endometriosis specialist centre.

Good luck xxxx


The idea that you're too young is ridiculous. You're an adult. You don't need to go private, you can get this done on the NHS, but obviously it's going to take a little more work. Best thing is to go back to your GP asap, explain what has happened, and ask to be referred to someone/somewhere else. If there is a bsge centre you can get to, you have the right to be referred there. If the GP isn't sympathetic, try a different GP. You can also try complaining to PALS at the hospital you were seen at (the contact details should be on the hospital website) as they can also be very helpful in sorting these things out.


Oh and FWIW most doctors work for the NHS and have a private practice as well - so you could well pay to see one privately and end up being told the same thing. Having had a hideous experience as an NHS funded patient at a private hospital I would also say that going private is no guarantee of amazing treatment.


Please make sure you go to a bsge center. If you do I am sure they wont say something like you are too young!! But it is important to see someone who know what they are doing so that you can get the symptoms under control early!


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