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Maca Root before and during pregnancy

My Endo story... abridged.

I have endo and have had lypro surgery. I was told I'd have a hard time getting pregnant. 2 years before I met my husband, a midwife took me off of dairy and red meat and told me to take 500-1000 of maca root and IDR how much but I was taking Vitex as well.

My cramps all but went away, my periods became shorter and my cycle regulated.

Fast Forward!

After we were married, I did not think I would be able to get pregnant and had never been pregnant before. However, I got pregnant the first time! however, I could not keep the baby to term. My hubby and I miscarried in March.

We are finally ready to start trying again. I know that maca root and vitex have been prescribed in a number of infertility and endo treatment, but I was wondering if anyone has taken maca root throughout their pregnancy!

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I have no experience of maca root- hopefully one of the ladies on here will have. I am so sorry to hear of your pregnancy loss- it's truly heartbreaking πŸ’”. I have recently been through a chemical Pregnancy last month-( our issue was undiagnosed and untreated endometriosis for nearly 6 years) It's cruel to have it taken away when you've fought so hard to get pregnant. I think us endo ladies do need more support during pregnancy. I want to wish you the very best with everything xoxo xoxo


Thank you so much! this site is awesome! so much understanding and love!

You ladies are the best!


Hi first of all im sorry for your loss πŸ’—πŸ˜˜. I know too well how it feels iv had 4 most recent July. Regards to maca. The red one is, best for ladies fertility. I was taking maca before I got pregnant the most recent time I then stopped when I found out I was then sadly lost the pregnancy. It could be coincidence I don't know. But iv read it's not safe to take and iv read women who have taken it all through pregnancy and be fine. To my mind it is safe it's a food and it is an adaoptogen as you probably already know. I do know if and when I next fall pregnant I won't be stopping it. What I am going to do though is rid my body of all the toxins it would have accumulated over the years do a colonic and a liver gallbladder and kidney flush. Start eating clean and not putting any supplement unless it's a whole food one. I do believe us endo sufferers have a lot to flush out of our systems to give our bodies the best possible chance to have our babies. Almost resetting our bodies. I just think you need research research and make our own desicions when it comes to making our bodies over all healthy and do what they're supposed to. Just remember Maca is a food just like a potato or turnip it just has a lot of nutrients and minerals that are good fit us.

Wish you all the best on your journey πŸ’—xx


Thank you! I have found that a healthy diet helps all around! I have been researching maca a lot, and I am not going to stop taking it this time either. I stopped kinda early but everything went down hill after that for me too!

I swear by not eating red meat and dairy to help with the insane cramping that endo can bring! I just love each and every one of you women already! there is so much love and support on this site! I wish I had found it earlier! I will be praying for you and your health and your health journey as well!

Take care! and thank you for your advice and encouragement!


No need to thank me hun it's what this forums for. I feel like you it's s God send.

Im with you on the red meat and dairy thing.

The thing is since I got endo confirmed in Feb iv been strict but pain has come back c with a vengeance six months down the line that's why I'm going to detox my body proper and continue with the healthy diet hopefully it will help me more without having to get more surgery

If you ever need to chat I'm here and yeah I'd stick with the Macs too just keep it at a consistent level that works for you don't start adding more if it's working for already. Take care hun πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’—


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