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Early pregnancy and pain

So I am 4+6 pregnant today. We got pregnant the first cycle trying! However..

Before I became pregnant, a week before my period was due I would get extreme cramping after bowel movements to the point of nearly fainting. It only lasted 5-10 minutes but was horrific. On one occasion I then had diarrhoea. The GP did say maybe endometriosis but I passed on the laparoscopy... silly me

Now I am pregnant, I get pain after every single bowel movement and it's bearable. However last night at 11.45pm, I was awoken with the most horrific cramping (severe period type cramps) I have never felt pain like it. My body was wet, I was white and I was on the verge of fainting. I assumed I was miscarrying. We called an ambulance as I honestly thought I was dying. The paramedics thought it wasn't pregnancy related but more likely a bowel thing. I haven't had any bleeding at all. I have had period like cramps since finding out I was pregnant though which I have heard is normal...

My GP this morning said the same- unlikely related to the pregnancy if I had it before.

Whilst I want to hope it isn't ectopic and I am not losing the baby, I also wonder if this is what my pregnancy will be like?

Do I get the pains once a month because that’s when the lining of the endometrium is at it’s thickest and now I am pregnant there’s things going on down there causing the pain? Do I have adhesions affected by my growing uterus in my bowels?!

Any insight would be good as my GP thinks I am a hypochondriac and although no one can reassure me the pregnancy is ok as it’s too early, similar stories would help!!


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First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing these pains. Unfortunately, there are no answers to give in this case. Likely, as you go on through your pregnancy things will settle down, but everyone and every pregnancy is unique so this may just be ‘your’ thing. You won’t know until you get further in to your pregnancy whether this will continue. At this stage your uterus hasn’t changed much at all (the foetus is only 1mm long), so I doubt the pains you’re experiencing are due to uterus growth.

Perhaps consider a lap at a later stage to investigate further. Pregnancy and breastfeeding is a great way to keep endo issues at bay, so maybe consider doing extended breastfeeding to bring natural relief, and you may not need to worry about getting an endo diagnosis for a few years.


I was in a lot of pain for the first 3-4 months then it disappeared. I breastfed until my daughter was 2 so I was free from periods and pain all that time. As soon as my periods came back the problems did too. Hence me having my first lap this week. Before that I was always told I had IBS.

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Thanks for your reply. Was your pain ever associated with bowel movements? My pain has always been related to that. I have it after every bowel movement and last night the pain was then followed by explosive diarrhoea (sorry TMI!) I am scared now of going to the toilet!

I guess once I know if the baby is ok.. I can tolerate the pain knowing it's nothing other than endo. My Dr was one who said 'endometriosis clears up with pregnancy' but I hear there are many women who don't agree!

Good luck for your lap!


Sounds awful. I would go back to the GP as something isn’t right and you don’t need the additional worry when you’re pregnant. My cramps weren’t associated with going the loo, but very crampy. I didn’t get much help or sympathy either I’m afraid. I hope it eases for you soon.


I feel like I won't get any sympathy as I think they class me as a hypochondriac. But pain to the point of passing out certainly wasn't imagined and it scared my husband! He said see how it goes as I guess whilst pregnant they can't investigate much? I am silly really to have put off having the lap as I then forgot about the pain as I literally had it once a month before I was due on! Not sure how i'll cope with it every time I go to the loo now!!


Hello, congratulations! im in the same situation.

Im 7+3 and had terrible cramps none stop until about half way through week 5 now they are less frequent but still occur sometimes after a number 1 or 2, and sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night. I spoke to my midwife who advised me if they pass after relaxing and there is no blood i shouldn't worry (but i still over worry!)

But if they dont go away or get more intense i should contact the epu.

I posted regarding cramps in early pregnancy on my own page and lots of people with endo have had intense cramps too. So guess for us its the norm although it doesnt stop us worrying.

Hope everything goes well for you x

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Thanks so much for your reply. It's reassuring, although I feel for anyone experiencing that pain! My worry was that it wouldn't pass and I would faint and hurt myself! As the paramedics came and felt stomach and did my BP, they said the colour came back in my face and the pain eased!

It's so scary isn't it! I hate being a woman sometimes but guess I can just stay positive and hope for the best!

Hope it all goes well for you too x

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Hi congrats. I am 10wk pregnant. I have stage 4 endo with bowel stuck on both sides to my uterus. i have had cramp but nothing as severe as you gave had. Although in the past have had pain that bad which was when my cysts played up. We still produce some estrogen whilst pregnant and so i can only assume that the endo and cysts can still react for some women. Pregnancy improves endo symptoms for 2 out 3 but sometimes just for the term of pregnancy.

I suppose some investigations like a lap will have to wait til after pregnancy. Good luck with everything :-)


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