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Could my pregnancy be ectopic?

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Hi there

Just wondering if any of you have any advice on ectopic pregancies. I was diagnosed with Endo in april last year and told my left tube was blocked. I get ovulation pain which is quite severe so always know which side I am ovulating. We have been trying for a baby and this time when I ovulated it was a bit strange as the pain was more in the centre of my stomach however I did have slight pain on the left so presumed I probably wouldn't be conceiving this month. However I have just tested positive! Thing is I was pregnant last year too which unfortunately ended in miscarriage and from even three days after ovulating I had symptoms of pregnancy, dizziness, feeling very tired and my stomach was bloated as soon as I tested positive. I was also sick the morning I tested positive last time. I have had none of that this time so was sure that I wasn't pregnant. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and was wondering whether to ask for tests to see if it is ectopic. Thing is I also wanted to ask for an early scan at seven weeks. Last time I was pregnant even though the baby died at six weeks I didn't find out until 12 weeks as my body still thought I was pregnant. I feel like if I ask the doctor for ectopic pregnancy tests and an early scan he's just going to think I'm worrying too much. Don't know what to do. I have had slight pain in my left side too but that is not unsual I'm always getting endo pains anyway so don't know if this means anything. Have any of you had ectopic pregnancies? Do you have any advice on what syptoms I should be concerned about? Many thanks xx

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ps. Have any of you gotten pregnant normally from a tube that you was told was blocked before?

You must mention it to the doc and he/she will arrange for a scan to check the situation. Ectopic pregnancies must be taken seriously.

hope everything is okay for you.

I hope that your doctor's appointment went well. i have not had an ectopic, but did have a 'missed miscarriage', like you, last year. I know how hard it is to feel totally pregnant and then find out that it's not going well. So I wish you luck with this pregnancy. Fingers crossed it goes better for you this time.

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Sorry to hear that Noper yes it was pretty awful. Hopefully they will let me have an early scan so I don't have to worry for whole 12 weeks. I hope any future pregnancies go better for you xxx

I had an ectopic pregnancy 7 years ago. My signs were severe pain on one side (much worse than your normal ovulation/endo pain) and vaginal bleeding. A scan could not confirm whether or not it was ectopic as it was too early. I knew it was ectopic as originally both tubes were blocked due to endo and I had had ivf to conceive both of my children. I had since had left ovary and tube removed along with a large endometrial cyst and the excruciating pain was on the right!

They kept me in hospital and carried out blood tests to see if it was ectopic. They test your hcg level as if ectopic this will decrease instead of steadily rising.

On the whole look out for severe one sided pain and bleeding but with your history would definitely go to doctor to see what tests he can do.

Although they kept me in hospital, and in my opinion it was definitely ectopic, they waited 6 days to see from blood tests confirmation that hcg was going down rather than up.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Just to add that I did have all the normal pregnancy symptoms, so just because you are not having any at the moment wouldn't necessarily mean it was ectopic.

Best wishes

Thanks for your help, advice and good wishes everyone. At the moment I think I may have been jumping to conclusions as I don't really have any symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy as my pains are fairly mild and today I haven't had any on the left side so fingers crossed all will be ok. The doctor wasn't much help anyway so think I'll wait and speak to my midwife. I'm hoping to get an early scan at seven weeks so hopefully I can find out all is ok then. Glw1966 sorry hear about what you went through and thanks for the info yes it has helped xx

I had an ectopic a year ago my symptoms were a brown discharge for 2 weeks which then turned into bleeding, I had a stitch like pain on one side, however that turned out to be a cyst on my ovary as the ectopic was on the right side. As with glw they couldn't tell with scans they sent me home but I had to go back every 2 days for blood tests to check hcg which was still rising which showed baby was in there but it wasn't rising at the normal rate so told me over the phone the pregnancy wouldn't go long term but they were not sure what to do they booked me in for another scan they then rushed me in for an emergency lap to remove ectopic and tube as things had changed on scan. The first hospital I saw were really good and suspected it straight away although it was 2 weeks from me going, to when I had it sorted out. so if they are not worried then you shouldn't be but push for an early scan. Hope it's all ok and the midwife is a bit more helpful. take care of yourself!!

Thank you very much lorraine for sharing your story with me. I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that. Still no pain at the moment or bleeding so hopefully I'm ok. It has helped me to know what to look out for so thanks again. Yes I really hope they let me have the seven week scan then I can relax and enjoy it a bit more. I wish you luck with any future pregnancies you have x

I know this thread was a while ago But im looking for some advice. Currently pregnant with my first child. I completely panicked today, called my GP and got sent for an emergency scan, am only 4 weeks and 5 days so they said they couldn't see anything in my womb but also said the womb lining was thin, their pregnancy test and blood test showed that I'm pregnant. Need to go back in 48 hours to make sure it isn't an ectopic pregnancy. Any info on thin womb lining? She said my womb looked "normal" whatever that means..

I had an ectopic a year and a half ago. 1 st time ever after having 3 normal pregnancies. I started spotting a week after my period had ended and was hurting bad from my endometriosis. Went to the e.r. and they told me I was 4 to 5 weeks pregnant. I told them there was no way cause I just had a period a week ago so when they did the ultrasound they couldnt find the baby or sac at all. I went to hospital for 2 weeks up until it finally ruptured at 6 weeks pregnant having to have emergency surgery. Lost my right tube and now having trouble to get pregnant at all. Another symptom I had was pain in my shoulder.

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