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Endo and pregnancy

Hello everyone

I am new to this site... i have just been diagnosed with stage 4 Rectovaginal endometriosis on the 14 December 17... I found this out through a laparoscopy because i am not able to fall pregnant even with fertility drugs so my DR scheduled a Lap for me... he was not able to do anything for me thought because he is a fertility specialist and does not do removal of endo... he will refer me in the new year to a specialist to have the endo removed. Has anyone that has had stage 4 endo been able to conceive? I have been married for just over 2 years and my hubby and i are so ready to have kids but now this. My fertility specialist advised that i would be able to fall pregnant naturally if i have the endo removed. I am more then willing to do i will do whatever it takes so that i can conceive i want to have my own family so badly. Please can you let me know if you experienced the same issues and what was done that helped you conceive.

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If your tubes are intact and your eggs are healthy you should be ok.

They may try to flush the tubes through during hsg in your lap, they did with me and I have stage three. My tubes are ‘sluggish’ so I have difficulty getting pregnant although 5 years ago I did get pregnant and have a healthy baby - it must have been before my tubes were affected :( xx


Hi .. I'm kinda similar although we are lucky enough to have a 6 yr old. We haven't been able to get pregnant with baby number 2 for several years so have had various tests etc. To cut a long story short I have stage 4 with a large recotovaginal nodule. 6 weeks ago I had surgery to remove it all. I asked them to flush my tubes in the surgery (which they did) and they managed to save my tubes and ovaries but removed ALOT more endo then they were expecting. I have been told I should be able to conceive now... please make sure you get surgery with an endo specialist not just any gynae to give you the best outcome. If you so this I'm sure you will be fine ... any questions feel free to message me as it can all be scary when you first find out xx



I have been diagnosed with endo at the beginning of September when I had a laparoscopy. It was all due to the fact that we couldn’t get pregnant for some time now . Unfortunately end has twisted my tubes and they no longer resemble tubes so getting pregnant naturally is out of question, we have been told. We are seeing an ivf specialist in 2 weeks to talk about the options...

hopefully you are on a better position than I am


My friend got pregnant the first cycle after removal of endo. It can happen. Push for the surgery but if it’s rectal vaginal then check if you need to have both a bowel surgeon and a gynaecologist on hand for the op. Xx


Hey lovely, just to share some Home with you, 4 years ago I had grade 4 endo removed from pretty much everywhere....ovaries, bladder, etc however my tubes were clear. Had been trying for years to get pregnant with no such luck. Post surgery I was told that it was likely due to the scar tissue that eggs were not able to implant.

Me and my husband were referred for IVF however at the last hurdle(post testing) our funding was declined on the basis it would not increase my chances of conception because of all of my issues.

4 years later I have a 12 month old, conceived naturally with no help What so ever. A huge massive shock to all of us. I might add I got my BFP 1 week after my ultrasound showed that my endo was worse than ever!!!

Don’t lose hope ❤️ xx

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Hi my lovely, I’ll share my story with you and hopefully this will give you some positive thoughts.

After not being able to conceive for more than one year, we were referred to a fertility specialist. All test came clear, so the specialist thought I might have endometriosis (I had symptoms such as pain, heavy periods etc). So I was referred for a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and dye. They removed the endometriosis from almost everywhere (sorry I don’t know the stage).

The specialist let us try naturally for four months but unfortunately we weren’t able to conceive. So we were referred for one round of IVF but unfortunately it didn’t work. We then paid for a frozen cycle and it ended up in a missed miscarriage so I had surgical management to terminate the pregnancy.

The good news is that we had another frozen cycle and this time it looks that it worked as I’m 21 weeks pregnant.

I wish you all the best, if you really want it fight for it but don’t lose yourself. Wishing you a happy new year!

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I love your story! Made me feel better about myself for a moment :)

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All your stories really gives me hope, I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage 4 in October 2017. Hoping for a miracle in 2018🙏🏾


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