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Laparoscopy#frequent urination

Morning All

I am into my 3rd week after a lap and hysceropy for endo. I had a urine infection so gp gave me antibiotics (was stinging when peeing too)- have now completed the course over a week ago and I am still frequently urinating especially overnight (8-10 times). Is this normal and has anybody experienced this? not sure what to do as if i visit gp again they will only give me more tablets and my concern is that it is something more than than. I had a catheter put in during surgery. I am no longer stinging just frequently going. Only change in anything is that I started taking pregnacare 10 days ago but surely that has nothing to do with it?

Any advice is appreciated

Thanks x

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I think you need to go back to the GP if it's something else you'll need a referral or more treatment X

Fwiw I had frequency but it was from interstitial cystitis not an operation complication.


Thanks starry, It has felt better over the weekend, so I will carry on monitoring. x


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