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Depo injection and constant bleeding

Advice needed x

I'm currently on the depo injection to try and keep my Endo under control after having tried several contraceptive pills and the mirena coil previously in the hopes of doing this.. which unfortunately failed and did not agree with me.

I've just had my second injection and I've literally bled every single day since I started using it, and I'm so worried that now I'm bleeding constantly the Endo is going to come back as quick as ever. I only had surgery in April this year to remove endo and to also remove a 10cm endometrioma on my left ovary, and before that only had surgery 18 months previous.. and I'm now getting severe pain again in my lower left side and also constant twinges just under my ribs on the left side.

Could this be Endo returning already, can the constant bleeding make it come back this fast?

My nurse told me that if I was still bleeding after this second injection I've got to stop taking it but then what do I do?! I feel like nothing's going to work and I'm going to be suffering with this forever.

Thanks in advance and sorry to moan :(


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Hi, I'm really sorry to hear what you're going through! Unfortunately I can't offer advice as I'm in exactly the same position, I had to do a double take because I almost could have wrote this myself! I've had two surgeries within 18 months of each other, also with an endometrioma (& ovarian cyst) removed, I've tried every single contraceptive pill available, I've had the mirena coil fitted, Depo injection, prostap injection ... None of them stopped, lestened, improved or managed my period any better or any of my (many) symptoms. After having endo for 14 years, being diagnosed for 4 years & of seeing my gp, gynaecologist & endometriosis consultant & exploring all of these treatments (some, multiple times over) I have now been told that "unfortunately everybody is different, some people will find a solution fairly quickly & others, like you, well your body seems to reject or respond negatively to the treatments for whatever reason that may be." When I questioned "well now what?" My consultant looked at the floor & said "the thing is you have tried everything we can currently offer you, unsuccessfully, so there's nowhere we can really go from here right now but there is research continuing so maybe another treatment will become available in the future." Meanwhile I'm left trapped in this cycle of pain & sickness with no outside support. I was so ill a couple of weeks a go as a result of my endometriosis, I ended up in A&E - I was dehydrated & put on a drip, I couldn't take any oral medication as I was vomiting so had to have IV pain relief & antisickness. Once the fluids had finished they came & told me that A&E is for accidents and emergency's & that I wasted both my own time & theirs by being there as I have an existing diagnosis & knew the cause of the symptoms. I was severely dehydrated, screaming with pain & advised by GP to go straight to A&E. I was too sick to give them a piece of my mind but that's what's wrong, the doctors have such a lack of compassion, responsibility & not enough education in endometriosis.


Hi, thank you so much for your reply, it's so reassuring to know that I'm not alone in going through this. I'm sorry to hear what you've been through, it's such an awful condition and it's so frustrating when nothing seems to be working and so many people don't understand how bad it can be, especially when our bodies don't agree with anything that may help! :( It's a shame that there isn't enough knowledge out there to find a cure and that it takes so long for people to get a diagnosis. I'm just praying that this injection settles down but to be honest I dont think it will and then it's back to the start again. If you ever need to talk about anything feel free to drop me a message. Thanks again for your reply x


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