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Bleeding on Depo Injection?

This is my first post so please bear with me :-)

I am 25 and have been struggling with endo since my periods started at 14, but diagnosed when I was 19. I have been on various pills, coil, implant etc. I have 2 children, a 2 year old and a 7 month old. When my youngest was 6 weeks old, the endo came back with a vengeance, despite him being breastfed. I have been on the depo ever since. It hasn't changed my pain in anyway, in fact it's made it worse. Haven't bled for 6 months, but over the last few days have had increased pain, and heavy bleeding. My injection isn't new, of overdue. It's just really random bleeding, with a lot of lower back pain. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be? Is it just another endo symptom?

Thank you :-) x

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I am fighting the bleeding as well. I have been on the depo since Feburary, only I bleed all month long every other month. And it HURTS me so badly during those long bleed months. I have commented to my OB Dr. and she said this is normal with the shot, that I am to give it a year until my body accepts it. :(

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Hi, I've been on the depo injection since March and have suffered with bleeding a lot too. Sometimes I spot bleed for anything from 1 day to 2 weeks, other times I bleed very heavily with lots of pain for a day and then it stops. I haven't had a proper period since last December but still have this erratic bleeding of varying heaviness. I spoke to my gp and gynae and they both said it's normal even for women without endo and it can take up to 1 year for your body to get used to the shot and settle down. If you look at the leaflet that comes with the shot, it does say some women experience heavier bleeding than others whilst others stop completely. I guess it's just a case of bearing with it for a while and see if it gets better. If the pain or bleeding gets any worse though I would say go see your gp/gynae just to be sure.

I just want to add here that the depo injection has actually cleared my endo up and at my last lap in September they couldn't see any endo at all, so I wouldn't lose hope just yet, I never thought this could happen!

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon x



I'm on cerazette which im led to believe is the pill version of the depo. I've been in this for a year and had a lot of pain and spotting in the beginning then stopped bleeding completley and then had 2 big heavy bleeds with lots of tummy pain and back pain I've never bled like that before whilst on the pill and it's happened twice in the space of 2 weeks. Like you I wasn't sure if anything was wrong went to doctors who didnt seem concerned so am persuming it's all part of having endo. It's sounds similar to what I had. Now i havnt bled and pain seems to have eased of. Very hard I work it all out sometimes who knows :-( such as horrible disease x hope you feel better soon x


I'm on Loestrin *20 switching from the injection and if anything it's made everything 10 times worse. I went from spotting occasionally to bleeding everyday and severe cramping. My doctor says it's my body trying to reject it so just to persist with it. It's annoying and not helpful


The first two months on the depo injection I couldn't move, stick with it though. It will get better. It varies from person to person so don't listen to the horror stories you read on the net.


I've been on depo for over 2 years and I have norethisterone pill alongside because although the depo helped, I was still experiencing some sever symptoms. Despite depo, norethisterone and tranexamic acid I still bleed heavily for up to a week at a time and still suffer pains with it. I still feel fatigue just less often and I still have to live a different life to most (nights out are a thing of the very distant past). It might be worth speaking to your GP about adding norethisteron to your treatment?

I give up to be honest. I have accepted that some days I'm in pain and some days I'm carrying around pocketfuls of tampons and searching for the nearest toilet. Sorry this isn't a lot of help but I do wonder if people with endo can ever get back to a normal comfortable everyday state.


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