Feeling low

Hi all i'm nearly 5 weeks post op from having an hysterectomy. This week I've been feeling so low in mood and just wanting to sleep. I'm still having side effects from my prostap injection which i hope wears off very soon. I've been prescribed amitriptyline to help me sleep as the night sweats are stopping me sleeping.

Is this normal to feel this way.

No one seems to understand and just keep telling me I'm still in early stages of recovery.

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  • Hi Lallya,

    It's perfectly normal to feel a whole of emotions after this surgery not helped by the lack of sleep. I think it's really helpful to reach out and try and get support. You are definitely not alone, you need time to heal physically and emotionally. Do you have support from people around you? If not then please do message me .

    It took me sometime to recover from my hysterectomy , and to cope with the surgical menopause which was hideous.

    Amitriptyline can be quite sedating for some people so be worth keeping an eye on how effective this medicine is for you.

    Good luck, be kind to yourself xxxx

  • Hi

    Thanks for your kind words. My husband is great support but he is having his own share of health problems. If i stopped the amitriptyline i wouldn't sleep at all. I've still got my ovaries in so menopause is a while off yet i hope, but i am having the same side effects from the injection. I'm finding it very hard relaxing and taking it easy. I guess I'm just frustrated with what i cant do. I was thinking of returning to work soon but recent events have shown me it's too early yet.

  • I am over 5 months post hysterectomy now and one thing that's really taken me by surprise has been the emotional upheaval. To start with this is major surgery and you've had an internal organ removed. Everything is in shock. I think TBH that the uterus is treated as something irrelevant, particularly if you're a bit older, and that's really not the case. One thing I have found is that other people seem to think a hysterectomy is something and nothing and they're wrong. Tiredness is completely understandable. If someone who'd had a kidney removed told you they were tired, you wouldn't be surprised. You've had surgery of that magnitude.

    I had my ovaries and tubes removed as well so am in surgical menopause and I have found the emotional fallout of everything quite surprising. I didn't expect to feel so lost or for my self-image and identity to be hit so hard by it. I don't really feel female any more. It's not that I feel male, I just don't feel like I'm anything. I don't know what I am, or where I fit in. I've been having some unofficial counselling from a fantastic nurse at my local surgery and it has really helped to talk to someone who is not my husband - would this be an option for you? I also think that after you've been ill enough to need a hyst, you have to deal with the fallout of that too. I don't think I was fully able to face how ill I was or how frightening the past couple of years have been before the op because I was completely focussed on getting through it. It's only been 5 weeks - please be kind to yourself. It does get better. I am currently in Paris with my daughter, a trip that would have been impossible before the surgery so there will be positives. It's just that life after hysterectomy is different and it takes time to adjust. x

  • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am already seeing the benefits from having the hysterectomy. No pain, no heavy bleeding. The counselling might be an option if this feeling doesn't pass soon. I agree it gets looked at as just an operation not a major one. My husband is great but has his own health issues so I'm trying to recover to quickly.

    We are due to go on holiday in a few weeks which I'm really looking forward to.

    I just feel like it's only me who is feeling this way, i have spoken to 2 friends who have had hysterectomys but never felt like this. Either that or they have forgot. Which makes me feel worse.

    Hope you enjoy your trip to france. Thank you again X

  • Lallya

    Work can wait, sounds like your energy levels need to be improve before you undertake more responsibilities. Personally I think we forget to make allowances for the crap we have had to go thru,like jo said in her post it's been a battle with the illness to get to the point of hysterectomy . I would use your recovery time to do some things for you, maybe go see a film or catch up with a friend .


  • Thank you I'm all filmed out at the moment or i just fall asleep. Once I'm driving again i can go out for a brew with friends and a chat.

    I've struggled with my illness for well over 5 years before i decided on getting help. So yes it's been a long time and i suppose you get used to feeling that way. Thank you for your kind words. X

  • Hi lallya

    I had my hysterectomy last September, everything removed so went into surgical menspause ,it was horrific , but I think for 2 reasons . First is I to had treatment before my operation , not prostap but basically the same drug and I suffered desperate anxiety and panic stacks so stopped getting it , through researching found out it takes between 3-6 months to leave your system and then after the operation I was doing ok until I was persuaded to take hey which seriously did not agree with me so stopped that too , I am now taking Effexor which halves the hot flushes and night sweats . Believe me this horrible feeling you have now will pass , my practice nurse was amazing , she helped so much and my poor suffering husband too was brilliant. I nnever thought the surgery would be so tough to get over but now I am so happy and content, no more pain , exhaustion, having to run my life around my periods . Just keep asking for help and you will get the right person to help you , if you don't feel ok keep talking to someone, remember we are all different and no two recoveries are the same , iv heard all the stories of women who flew through it too . But honestly there is light st the end of the tunnel, you are only 5 weeks after it , test and another thing take care of your back and do not lift anything, best of luck

  • Thank you so much for replying. I'm glad it all worked out well for you in the end. I'm hoping once these side effects wear off and I'm able to get out more then my mood hopefully will lift. This group is great to speak to people who are also or have had issues. Makes me feel more normal. Take care x

  • I had an Abdominal Hysterectomy 6wks ago left ovary removed uterus and cervix. Was advised the remaining ovary will function and maintain my hormone levels it just might mean I ho through menopause a year or so earlier. I have had trouble sleeping and have since found out the ovary can go to sleep/shock after hysterectomy and might take time for hormones to regulate. I have chosen to go on a low dose estrogen patch for now. Sleeping better already. Wishing you well

  • Hi

    The patch you are referring to is this hrt? I'm due to go back on 8th sep to see consultant. When i mentioned to him on the day of my op that I'm still having side effects from prostap he said your one of the lucky ones. Nothing lucky about it. Think this is also contributing to my low mood. This site has been a great help as i was just thinking it was me and something was wrong with me.

    Fingers crossed we all get there in the end with a positive outcome.

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