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Work - How are you treated?

Hi everyone,

I recently posted after my first lap:


I took my period 10 days after the lap just as I was about to go back to work on reduced hours and I was absolutely floored again. The cramps were worse than ever, I was bleeding so heavily and I fainted a few times. As I had told work I was expecting to be back and then didn't make it I wasn't particularly popular. I have had 3 sick lines from the doctor for a week at a time as she wanted to keep track of my progress and each time I have spoken to my boss and updated her as much as I possibly could at the time.

I have missed a total of 13 shifts over 2.5 weeks and today I went back on reduced hours, however, my boss wasn't happy with my communication throughout the time I was off. I was wondering if anyone else has struggled with this? Before I took my period I was all set to get phased back into work but the symptoms are just so unpredictable that I explained to my boss that I couldn't possibly give her a date and time when I would be back days in advance as you really don't know how you're going to feel. I also feel like I wasn't adequately informed of the impact the laparoscopy would have on me as I expected to be back at work within 5-7 days yet I was off for 2.5 weeks and I have only been able to go back today on half shifts.

Does anyone else have similar experience?



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I had similar. I was planning to be back at work after 2 weeks (I had a holiday pre-booked for week 2), but then collapsed and was horrendously sick 2 days before I was due back. My GP signed me off for the week. I went back to work on my usual hours (3 days), without any reduced hours, but I had a lot of support at home. What I did struggle with is the dreaded Bradford Factor - and work finally agreed to discount my op absence.

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We don't use the Bradford Factor but we use a similar trigger system. In the 3.5 years I have worked for the company I have been off 5 times. 0 times in the first year, 2 in the second (one colposcopy related when I had an infection, one due to a car crash both for two weeks), 1 in Jan this year which was the flu for 1 week, 1 in Nov which was a chest infection (1 week) and then this 2.5 weeks due to the lap. I never ever take time off with my symptoms and would only ever take time off if I couldn't get out of bed which I always manage because I manage my symptoms well. I just feel like I'm being vilified when I work hundreds of extra hours even when I don't have to. I know it's irrational to be so concerned as these are business policies etc but I feel like my boss has no sympathy toward me and being a manager myself I would never treat a member of my staff in that way.. I suppose when they don't know any better it's hard to explain..!

Rant over!!



I actually work in a GP surgery and to be honest even they are not that great. A colleague has been off for ages with gynae symptoms and so they are not that tolerable towards time off. I recently had to take 2 days off due to my symptoms being so severe I couldn't walk and they were fine but I am worried as I have a lap booked in Jan and have told them I should be back after a week. You would think of all places that should understand a GP surgery would but sadly even they don't :(


I work in the NHS and when I had a lap my boss said oh you only need a week off! I ended up having 3 weeks and went back too soon but I did go back and had to take painkillers quite a lot. I am also some one who is hardly off sick so I wasn't impressed with the lack of support. How ever with previous experience being off years ago with a bad back I was sent to occupational health and they were fantastic! They supported me and helped me to do the phased back to work thing and totally stuck up for me with my ward manager.


In my work in order to get an OH referral you have to have recurring time off with the same thing. As I've only ever been off on 5 occasions in 3.5 years and only 2 of these are gynae for colposcopy and the laparoscopy on two separate occasions I don't qualify. It's a very frustrating road but I will be put on a written warning when I go back because I have hit the triggers. I'm not overly bothered by it but I hate how employers don't take your dedication and otherwise clean record into account. I am a manager myself and I would never treat a member of my staff the way I have been treated. I would uphold the company policy but I would do so in a way to support my employees, not to punish them.


Ahh. I see my manager sent me because she didn't like me ha ha and I suspect she thought I wasn't really ill (with my back) turns out I had a slipped disk! Anyway where I work now it's the same as you they wouldn't send me unless it was same thing 3 times in a row.

That's awful to have an official warning especially when you really havnt been off that much! Are you in a union?


We aren't unionised but to be honest I'm over it all now. I understand the company policies and procedures and as a manager myself I know how tough it is having people off sick. However, it isn't difficult to carry out policies and procedures but with a little compassion for the individual. I'm still in pain now and I'm back at work full time but what can you do?! Usually I work about 60+ hours a week but I am struggling to complete my normal day just now but I really have no choice. Onwards and upwards I suppose!


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