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Pain and work

So I was two days late with AF, nothing unusual there. I knew it was coming because i've felt so unwell the last week and had a horrendous migrane and today, and i've just come on.

The pain i suffer with is stomach, legs, back, head, pain i cant even describe but makes me want to throw up, curl into a ball, cry and scream and tablets dont touch it.

I've just had to come home from work which is a regular occurence every month for me. I cant walk, i cant move, i cant talk. I work in housing and social work with the elderly. My manager is usually supportive, but since I told her I need two weeks off for my first lap next week she has been really pissed off with me.

I know it is affecting my work, and I feel bad missing work but theres not much I can do about it. She just asked whats wrong with me now?! And I said well you know (shes in a huge office) and she said what do you mean? I said my period. She was like oh again?! Yes!!! It doesnt change! And its not normal! And trust me, i cant go on like this! It just makes me feel really stupid.

She said well someone else will have to pick up your work, if they can?! And you'll have to do on call tonight! So im on call 7pm-7am and i cant walk. Then i said i wont be in tomorrow. She was like oh really? Well how do you know that? You should just see how you feel? Omg she doesnt get it! Surely its better to give notice?!

How do you all manage work? I feel really bad having time off and this is taking over my life. The stress the job is putting me under with my managers attitude is just intensifying that.


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I had the same problem in the workplace in fact I was sacked (whilst still on the sick with a hospital sick note) I was taking them to court but they settled before we got there... endo is classed as a disability as from 2010.. any manager owner etc has to be understanding and offer lighter work duties maybe even smaller hours... don't let them get to you if the shoe was on the other foot and she was in horrendous pain each month she would think differently xx hope u get sorted soon make sure you put yourself first xx



Could you point me in the direction of where it is confirmed that it's definitely been classified as a disability as I've been experiencing problems at work and they said I don't qualify for the Disability act,

Thanks very much


Hi il get out my paper work from solicitors etc and il inbox u all details xxx it's defiantly under the disability act from 2010 xx

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Thanks so much!


Hi Are you in a union I got in touch with my union rep and she said she would come into work and tell them about gynae issues and discrimination at work.

My manager is crap and I have triggered an improvement notice. I have let occy health know that this is a chronic condition out of my control. I have got hold of the hr policy and my manager could have used her discretion as one episode of sickness was after my op.

I think that getting independent advice helps, i work in the NHS and it makes no difference. i accessed advice from my union and an independent occupational health service.

Hope things get betterxx

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I think because it is related to periods you get fobbed off and are expected to put up with it. I would get referred to occ health and speak to cab or the union


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