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Strong Endo pain during long protocol 9 IVF

Hi everyone,

I don't know whether to post this on the Infertility Network page or here.

But given that its about my Endometriosis pain which seems a lot worse since I started down regulation I hope that maybe someone can help or has some advice.

I started down regulation for my first ever IVF with the highest amount of Prostap on 31.12. and now 8 days later my period is the worst it has ever been in my life!! I have been getting sickness and diarrhoea (sorry for TMI) all of last night and I have shooting and stabbing pain everywhere. The bleeding is also a lot heavier than usual :-(

The nurse from the IVF clinic said that the only tablets I am allowed to take are 2 Paracetamol every 4-6 hrs. That doesn't even touch the pain.

I got up this morning to go to work but before lunch time I had to tell my boss that I am in so much pain I feel like I am going to pass out.

I work as a Nanny which means that I need to be physically fit as I run after children at work and need to be a happy person and not sit there in tears.

They know about the IVF so just told me to catch a taxi and go home. Had to leave my car at work as I am not fit to drive.

Has anyone on here been through the long protocol? I am on protocol 9 which means they use the most amount of drugs available to try and get me to respond as I have a very low egg count. If I don't respond to these drugs then there is nothing they can do. Thing is I am only 8 days into my IVF and already I am in an awful amount of pain and had to leave work. Is this normal?? Will it get better?

And what did some of you do to cope with the pain?

Thanks for reading this xx

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Hi, sorry you are struggling so much. I am also started with prostap on the same date. So far I haven't had much problems but I know that prostap can produce increase symtoms of endo as the way it works your oestrogen production will increase initially before it stops, therefore making endo worst. For what I read those symptoms should start getting better on the 3rd week. Also I would go back to them on the painkillers and really kick a fuss about it , I know that anti inflammatories can affect implantation but I am pretty sure there are other things that you can take appart from paracetamol. Hope your pain gets better soon and good luck with the ivf x

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Thank you Shehulk, I called the clinic and the nurse talked to the Drs and they said I could take Buscopan 3 times a day to help with the cramps. She said its normal for ladies with Endo to be in a lot of pain and she says she hopes the Buscopan will help soon. I took it and after an hour my pain got more bearable. So glad as I was struggling a lot. I think I might still stay at home tomorrow as the bleeding turned into flooding. But then try to go back to work on Monday. I will be part time by the end of this month so that will help too I hope. I wish you lots of good luck with your IVF, too x


Oh Ines2885, sounds like it's been a bit rough for you :-(

Glad you called them back re the stronger painkillers and that they have kicked in a bit.

Make sure you relax to recover when you can as you'll need to get over being ill.

Just keep thinking about the possible end result of all the hard work x

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Thank you Hollibob, I will do that. How are you getting on with your IVF? x


Not too bad to be honest which I'm quite surprised about. I've had side effects from the down regs, but they have been manageable to continue with everything. Had the baseline scan on Friday and we were good to start the stims on Saturday. It's scary how quickly the days pass when you've waited for this time to come for what seems like forever?!

Are you feeling any better?


Hi there, ooohh that's fantastic that you are on the stims now :-) My cramps and tummy pain are gone, which is really good!! :-) But I am quite sick with an ear infection, sinus infection and infection in my throat :-( Have been on Antibiotics for weeks and now they took swabs and syringed them out and told me to keep taking ear drops and antibiotics until its gone. So hoping to be back to full health by the weekend. Going for my baseline scan next Monday 19.1. and hope that I am good to start stims by then as well :-)


Glad you are feeling better than you were, but you must be getting frustrated with not being totally better. Make sure you rest as much as possible...I've felt pretty tired, even when at work!

Good luck with your scan on Monday...I've also got my next scan that day too...x


Thank you Hollibob, I am still at home today but back at work tomorrow. I wish you good luck with your scan on Monday as well :-) x


Hi, I too started on Prostap and I am now into day 7 of stimulation injections. The first few weeks into my first Prostap injection I was in a lot of cramping type pain but it subsided. I also suffered with headaches which I'm told is due to the surge in hormones. Trust me it will get better and hopefully all worth it in the end. Good luck with your IVF x

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Thank you Leila, that is good to know :-) I wish you good luck with your IVF as well x


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