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Hi. But dilemma. Am 44. Have endo AND adenomyosis. Surgeon trying to persuade me to have MIRENA or Provera (progesterone only pill but this isn't a contraceptive ). Very blessed to have 1 child (5 year old girl). Unlikely I can have more due to adenomyosis but feel too old now to have another anyway. So really need contraception. Husband won't have vasectomy or use condoms so it's down to me!! Want to keep the endo at bay by keeping womb thin. My question is, is anyone of around my age using combined pill for endo and adenomyosis with success? Doctors seem to be against combined pill at my age!! Also, does the oestrogen in the combined pill "feed" the endo more? Xx

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Can you get progesterone only that is a contraceptive? I'm on Cerazette and I'm pretty sure that's both x

Thank you. I will look into this x

There are progesterone only pills which also act as contraception. I also tried Cerazette, it didn't agree with me personally but is definitely worth a try xxx

Thanks for this. Xxx

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