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Irregular bleeding

I just wondered if anyone could explain whether irregular bleeding is a sign of Endo, or whether I need to go back to my GP (although I doubt they'll be concerned).

I noticed some spotting yesterday, but thought nothing of it. However, today I had the usual stomach cramps and then I started bleeding. I'm on the combined pill, and have three pills left to take, so I shouldn't really be bleeding until next week.

It sounds strange, but it doesn't feel like a normal period (which leaves me in serious pain, with bloating). My body seems to react well to the pill (periods always on time and can be delayed/skipped by taking another packet). So I'm not really sure what this means?

Thanks for any help x

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This is what made me go to my doctor in the first plain, and internal examination discovered a lump. Then I had 3 blood test, the CA 125 came back slightly higher as this it what started the ball rolling, endo wasn't discovered until I had a lap to remove my ovary due to a chocolate cyst.



You need to go back to the Dr and ask for swabs, a smear, and blood tests - all standard procedure for irregular bleeding. Had you had sex just before as the pill causes the cervix to soften and can cause cervical erosion: this isn't anything to worry about at all, just annoying.

Yes, endo can cause irregular bleeding, but it's very important you see the doctor about it and let them check it out for all possible causes.

Good luck!x


Thanks for the replies :)

I've had a smear a month ago and it came back clear (I've previously had history of abnormal smear results). I went to see Gyne last month and I'm waiting for a Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy and they're going to cauterise some cervical erosion I previously had.

I'm just getting worried, I'm not sure if this is another symptom or whether it's something more., but my GP seems reluctant to do anything until I have the treatment done by Gyne (which will be in 3-4 months time). I kind of feel like I"m at a loss, and I don't know how I'll last another couple of months :( x


In that case: if you have been diagnosed with cervical erosion, that causes irregular bleeding/spotting. It's good that it's going to be cauterised.

Good luck, not long now x


I'm so glad you replied, I haven't been explained about cervical erosion, I just read it in a letter they gave me. Hopefully it'll all be sorted soon. Thanks for the info :) x


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