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Irregular Bleeding

Hi everyone, just looking for a little advice. I was diagnosed with endo back in February and have been plodding along since. However 2 weeks ago I had a period nothing unusual however it only lasted 3 days but it was heavy I then had a week and a half clear before I started bleeding again it only lasted about 3 days. I've never had irregular bleeding like this before so any advice is appreciated. I have a doctors appointment this Thursday. Thanks in advance.

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I have the same problem I was dignosed with endo in January this year also had adhesions in my pouch of Douglas but also bleed for a week then fine for about 10 days then bleeding again see gynaecology on Monday so ask them then but I got told mine was cause of my endo cause my smears have been normal xx

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It might be to do with the pill that you're on - if you're on progesterone only one that can cause irregular bleeding but your doctor will be able to tell you that. Also it could be something that I had which they found when they diagnosed my endometriosis, which is called a cervical ectropicon - nothing sinister and can be treated with silver nitrate but might be worth mentioning to your doctor. Good luck with it x

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It's all linked to the endo, the scar tissue only has one way to leave your body, making your bleed like you are on your period, when you aren't. This was my initial symptom that got me diagnosed. Hope this gives you a little bit of reassurance until you see your GP!


Thank you peeps, helped hearing it's probably nothing sinister but will see my GP this week anyway. Thank you :-)


From the timing of the bleeding, going by your description, it could be ovulation bleeding maybe? This can be quite common in women with endo.



I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endo 3 years ago and have had terrible bleeding ever since. I have had numerous operations and procedures but nothing has stopped the bleeding!...

I'm currently taking 2 contraceptive pills a day to try to stop it but even that's not working!... I bleed for approx 8 weeks then get maybe 3-5 days clear, then start bleeding again!...

I've been put on zoladex injection for 6 months but bled through that too!!?..

It's extremely draining!!...

Speak to your dr and consultant, try not to worry as sadly with Endo bleeding is "normal"!

Good luck, I hope you get some relief soon, please let me know if your dr does recommend something as my dr and consultant are at a loss!!

Kelly xx


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