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Prostap good or bad?


I have gone 15 yrs to get a diagnosis!! Had abalation last yr and locum surgeon didn't help matters at all by "nicking a ligament". Finally got 2nd opinion and now on prostap injections with HRT tabs - if these work its hysterectomy next yr and find out what the last surgeon done wrong!!

Anyways.....anyone undergoing this treatment? I think im going mad!!!

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Hi. How you feeling today? I'm on prostap but without hrt at the moment, it's for grade 4 die and frozen pelvis, had surgery 8 weeks ago and I'm due to have the 3i njection on Thursday. For me it's caused no problems, the occasional hot flush but I could be hot all the time as I'm mostly pain free at the moment! Are you seeing an endo specialist? Xx

xxPxx in reply to Tillyfloss

hiya, im thinking of stopping the hrt as think that's what's giving me constant headaches and like you say pain free beats flushing any day!! Finally got Endo specialist so if these injections work its on to hysterectomy but apparently I have this addition problem with ligament so still in pain but nothing like before. Thanks for your msg as everything I've read has been so negative :)


I'm on Prostap, had my third injection last week and I do really well on it (I'm on my 3rd course) xxx

xxPxx in reply to Hidden

Excellent thanks. There's not much info put there on prostap apart from people having problems. I can't believe its actually working but think I will go without hrt and see how I get on :) xx

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