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I've been on here all the time where I've been at end of my tether or to have a rant but I thought I'd come back to share some positives with you all. I had a laparoscopic excision of sever endo on Tuesday surgeon has removed 70% and that's all he could do with out the bowel surgeon. It was very serious op, I'm in quite a lot of pain and was only taken of morphing driver yesterday afternoon and despite there wishes for me to stay in until tomorrow they finally let me go last night on basis I had someone at home. I have to go back in 3-6 months for the remaining 30% to be excised from bowel but surgeon tells me when this is done I should have 5 years relief and to end on an even higher note. After my previous consultant telling me no kids without Ivf last year my surgeon tells me my Fallopian tubes are clear and after my treatment this year (I've been put on prostap until next op so doesn't return) he can't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to conceive naturally although i might need a bit of fertility treatment! Just wanted to let you all know that it's not all doom and gloom. It's took me 6 years to get where I am and I finally feel positive love and luck to all in those desperate times we've all been in xxxxx

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  • Good for you, it's nice to read that someone has had positive news, and good treatment. I'm under going my excision surgery next week, I will definitely post good or bad, Wishing you all the very best and a nice speedy recovery.

  • Best of luck to you. Don't under estimate the seriousness of this op though. I was expecting to be a day case and I was very wrong. My op was seen as more extensive than the other 2 women on the ward who had complete a hysterctomy make sure you have a good amount of time afterwards to rest and loads of nice fruits in for when home. Get some movicol to avoid constipation! Lots of love xx

  • Thank you for sharing your brilliant news, it's so good to hear of something positive. I hope you have a speedy recovery xx

  • With extensive excision it is often possible to be permanently free of pain, it sounds like you have good surgeons, committed to relieving pain and restoring the quality of your life

  • Its great to hear such a positive story. Did you have the surgery in an NHS hospital?

  • Hi, yes I did, Liverpool women's and I honestly have nothing but praise for the nurses and surgical team. They all knew the procedure and knew what I was to expect. I was surprised as last time I was an elective care day case I felt like I was on a conveyor belt in and out. I feel very fortunate to have had he care and after care I have been given. Although this has been quite a long time coming!! Xx

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