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Good or bad

Hi girls,

Well my husband has suggested I take some time out of thus forum, I'm getting quite low at points and he thinks, I'm reading to much negative stuff, I love coming on the site, reading other ladies problems and issues, and just knowing we are going through something that others are dealing with too,

But he thinks I'm funnelling into the fact that loads of us don't get better, lap after lap, and lots of you still suffer

I do get what he is saying, he is determined to get me better and is very supportive, I on the other hand am sceptical as to wether I will be normal again


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Hi Hun I know there are a lot of negative stories but there are positive ones too. I find reading what others have gone through helps me out things into perspective. You will get through this and come out the other side , I know you will. Please don't leave the forum, it's always been good to talk to you. If you do decide to leave pm me . Stay strong Hun.


Hello, I'm sorry I can't offer much in the way of an answer but my husband feels the same way and like yours is very supportive and sees light at the end if the tunnel. Personally, as well as knowing I'm not alone and on rare occasions being able to hopefully share some of the great guidance I've been given, I've found this site useful in educating me about endo. I do however find that I use it more the more pain I'm in and naturally do use it less with the more answers I've found. If other users are anything like me you're unlikely to hear the other side of the recovery story so maybe we don't get a balanced view. That's not a complaint by any stretch, just something I think worth rationalizing in your mind.

Like any social media it can become addictive and maybe if you're asking yourself if it's getting that way for you you already know the answer?

Before my endo diagnosis I was very optimistic about everything, I'm not quite as much now but I'm getting there and part of that is me just forcing myself to push on and be as normal as I can be. And if this is my new normal so be it. Endo can take enough of your life so I'm determined it's not getting my mental health too which to be honest, for me, means I read this site less unless I'm feeling unbreakable!

Maybe you need a couple of days trial? In the time you'd normally look on here do something else even if it's just sitting in the sofa with a good comedy to spend the time laughing instead. Only you will know when the balance is right but it's like anything, you won't miss much and we'll all still be here (now and then) when you get back xxx

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Some time out wouldn't hurt. Give yourself a break- same as being in FB Too much etc. Reading other people's problems can mean that you take on their burdens with out realising it. Go do some nice things and then write about it in here in a couple of weeks. Simple things. X X take care and don't let the disease define you and who you are.

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I think the negative outweighs the positive on this forum, and what you must bear in mind that we are likely to share bad news when it gets painful and unbearable but less likely to when all is well.

It's human nature. To write our sad stories, to read them and the absorb them, because we understand them.

I had the coil fitting in December and it's worked really well! I should probably have posted a message about the success. But I didn't...

If you think there is truth in what your husband says, then try leaving or perhaps just lessen your exposure? Unsubscribe to the daily updates and just go online when you need specific advice and support on a down day? We all understand and know what you're going through. Keep positive x

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Thank girl, I think I'm going to take a few days off, I've got my follow up from MRI on 26th so I'll see you all then, when I have some GOOD NEWS ,

Stay strong everyone, and fingers crossed for everyone's future

Thank you all so much, this forum is a great place to learn but dose sometimes make our futures look bleak,



Hi,I only joined the forum a few days ago after stumbling across it one night when I was wide awake in excruciating pain.Although a lot of the stories are negative I've found that so far it has helped me abit mentally.Its nice to know you aren't mad or imagining how Ill you feel at times.As supportive as my friends and family have been I think they get sick of me moaning.Ive been off work since end of sept following my fourth lap.Ive also got the coil and I'm on prostrap injections again.Ive felt better the last week so fingers crossed they work this time.I send my love and sympathy to everyone who suffers from this horrible condition xxx

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