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Endometriosis in Pregnancy


Hi all, I haven't been on here for a while on account of being completely flat out! I'm 35 weeks pregnant, recently married and just moved plus still working full time!!!

I basically wanted to write about endometriosis in pregnancy because alot of what I've read suggests the symptoms let up or even disappear for some women. But for me... that hasn't been the case. Three years ago I had my ovaries lasered apart from my pelvis (where they had become fused) via a laperoscopy. I had extensive endo and had the coil fitted after to help with the 'symptoms'. I'm sure the coil made them worse!??

Anyway, throughout the whole pregnancy I've suffered with a deep, low ache in my abdomen which I'm sure is the old endo playing up. Twice I've even thought it was early labour because the pain was so bad!! I feel so happy and so lucky to be pregnant that I have just accepted there is nothing I can do about this pain. On the plus side, my hormones and mental health have been a hundred times better since the coil came out (last December) even though I'm pregnant!! I found the emotional symptoms I had on the coil to be far worse than the physical ones, even though the pain was still bad with the mirena.

Any other pregnant ladies experiencing their endo pain throughout their pregnancies? I'd like to hear your experience!!!

For those ladies trying to concieve, I wish you all the best and I hope you don't suffer with your old symptoms. If you do- a warm bath, hot water bottle and a back rub all help a little. Be kind to yourselves girlies Xxx

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