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Does endometriosis cause more cramps during pregnancy?

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to ask if any endometriosis sufferers found they had constant cramps whilst pregnant?

I had a miscarriage 2 years ago and had no cramps at all. This pregnancy seems successful so far but I have had constant cramps since the egg was fertilised, which obviously feels worrying but may be a good sign that things are expanding?

Not much online other than endo symptoms disappearing through pregnancy so thought you ladies might have some anecdotal answers?

Thanks in advance 😊

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Congratulations on being pregnant especially after loosing your last one. I had a lot of pain in my pregnancy for first 3-4 months. I don’t remember it being like normal pain but enough to make me anxious. I spent a lot of time in the early pregnancy unit due to being so poorly and they reassured me the baby was fine. The pain eased but I did get it on & off almost throughout. The endo consultant I saw after I had my little girl said it could be the ligaments were my endo was being stretched due to the pregnancy. As it gets stretched it will bleed!

I would make sure you’ve had a scan to check babe then reassure yourself if it’s going ok. It’s tough to take away those nagging worries especially after last time.

Good luck with the next few months. X


Thanks so much for your reply and kind words!

The cramps aren't painful just very present and hoping it's just what you say 'stretching'.

Have had 2 scans and baby is the size it should be with strong heartbeat etc. Really nauseous, exhausted etc. (basically a completely different pregnancy to last time) so keeping the fingers crossed 🤞

Congrats on your bubba. Have a great week x


That all sounds good so let’s hope it’s just that’s everything ok this time whereas not last time. 🤞🏻🤞🏻 for the future. My girl is 7 now and is a joy everyday. I was very lucky and I know many haven’t be. I sure everything will be well now as your past the worst.

Good luck x

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Hello Forest94 and congratulations!

I've had very similar pregnancy experiences to you - no cramps, but sadly miscarried in 2017, then a second pregnancy with significant amounts of pain due first to implantation and then throughout my pregnancy due to stretching scar tissue. I also experienced a couple of bouts of bleeding and required lots of extra scans, but I gave birth to our little boy three weeks ago and he's lovely.

The first and last trimesters were the worst, but it was reassuring to know that it was just me feeling the effects - our little boy remained completely oblivious and was always happily wriggling away during the scans.

Good luck to you both over the coming months. Best advice I can give you is just rest up as much as you can and indulge in whatever relaxes and chills you out - you'll both feel the benefit.

x X x


Thank you!

Haha as long as they are comfortable ay?!

Have definitely been taking it easy (forced to with the exhaustion and brain fog). Hope you enjoy these early stages and get some sleep 💜

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