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Endometriosis adhesion pain in pregnancy

Hi! I'm very fortunately 17 weeks pregnant after my first attempt with ICSI. I've got quite extensive endo on bowel and bladder. My pregnancy was going really smoothly until this week when it basically felt I had all my endo symptoms again- pain passing wind/stool/full bladder. I've been to hospital and everything ok. They think it's adhesion pain. has anyone else have this when pregnant and what helped and how long did it last? Thanks for your advice and good luck to everyone trying to conceive- I know how hard it is.

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Adhesion pains will last until they have torn enough to allow the expanding uterus to push the other organs out of the way.

Normally these would be adhesions free and able to move out of the way without pain, but when youhave not had surgery to cut all the critical ones before falling pregnant, these will be under pressure pulling on which ever organs they are attached to and it can hurt through the pregnancy to quite near to the end, from what I have read, but it must depend to a great extent on each of the adhesion's breaking point or tearing point.

They are tough as superglue and not stretchy, so at some point they will be stretched to the point where they do tear away if they need to, once that has happened and the wound has healed then you should feel less pains from adhesions as the pregnancy progresses.

Some will give way sooner than others. Probably best to speak to your GP about pain management options during pregnancy.

Endo itself will be acting just like the cells inside the uterus - they will thicken up a menstrual layer but not shed till you are ovulating again. Endo remains dormant through a pregnancy.

The cells don't know they are not in the womb so will be acting just as the cells in the uterus do.

There have been some previous posts about pregnancy adhesion pains but not many. Use the search box on the green bar to hunt them down.

You might have more of a response from posting on one of the pregnancy forums or somewhere like netmums, It's not just endo that causes adhesions- lots of things can trigger off adhesion growth in the pelvic area that would cause a painful nuisance in a pregnancy, so widen your search for tips from other mums who have been through this and you might get some useful ways to handle it.

Congratulations on the pregnancy - hope you aren't feeling too troubled for much longer.


Many thanks for your knowledgable reply- really helpful. X


I can't offer any advice as I am waiting for ICSI myself. I also have endo (stage 4) on the bowel and I just wanted to say congratulations. Stories like yours give me hope :)


Thank you- I have been so extremely lucky. Massive good luck with ICSI- I really hope it works for you too x


Congratulations!! I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant and tell you truth the pain has been and still is horrendous. That is probably the last thing you want to hear but its different for everyone hopefully yours will calm down soon. And once again congratulations!! Xxxx


I cannot wait to be 31 weeks! The pain continuing until term is what I feared! Really good luck with the delivery. Out of interest- what are your thoughts on mode of delivery? I've heard adhesions can make the labour more painful but a c-section may lead to more adhesions! I can't decide!


Hi Hannah001

I had those same symptoms when i was pregnant but i can not remember how long they went on for but when they use to be really bad i used to put a luke warm hot water bottle under my bump or at the base of my spine. I hope these will work for you, but please DO NOT take any pain medication that you have not been prescribed to take If the pain gets very very bad, then please go to A&E asap. Good Luck hun for you and your baby (((gently hugs))) :-))



congratulations on your success

I am 28 weeks and so far no improvement in the pain. I have had to stop work early.

I never had such bad issues last time ( i have 4yr old twins . Both pregnancies assisted conception v long story ) but my adhesions are worse now . I had yet another lap in jan with more laser ablation of endo and breakdown of extensive adhesions. However I think they just reformed again :-(

I am on fentanyl patches and paracetamol as couldn't move without so if you need meds speak to your midwife /consultant.

However the one good thing with all these adhesions is I don't have the problems they expected secondary to my pelvic floor damage from endo . Silver lining and all that.

I find a warm bath helps. Add a few drops of essential oils such as rose and life feels better.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy


Ablation is so bad.. It grows back


Hi, I know this post is over a year old. But I wanted to know how you managed to cope in the end????

I am 14 and a bit weeks pregnant and am in so much pain as I have had loads of surgery due to removal of Gyne parts and cyst and fibroid etc, but the consultant think my pain is bad cause of all the adeshion.

They are thinking about giving me stomach brace to help support as I get bigger.

Honestly I could cry and she said it would get worse I just want to be prepared how other people coped and how things happened when in labour cause there is talk of c section.

Hope you manage to see this message and reply. Thanks for any info given in advance,

From a nervous preg 14 plus weeks person. X


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