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Pain before period


I experience very bad pain on left low side pelvis in the lead up to my period so basically from ovulation. This pain is severe on some of these days and I struggle to walk. But once my period actually starts I feel so much better, I have a day of moderate cramping but it's not dibilitating like the left sided pelvic pain I get. My pain is clearly made worse at certain points in my cycle but I'm just confused as to why its so bad before my period and actually having my period will bring on a relief of this terrible pain. It feels like everything is in spasm and I know my pelvic floor flares up but surely something is happening to make it flare like it does ??

Does anyone have a similar experience?? Pain being worse before period than actually on period? I've tried hormones but they just agrivate my bladder. I've had a sigmoidoscopy and that was clear..

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I have exactly this, from ovulation to the beginning of my period is agonising pain attacks linked to my bladder function mainly ... then relief when I'm on my period! How long have you had this pain for? Have you been diagnosed with endometriosis via lap?

Hi Esther_wing I've had this pain for just over 3 years now it started after I had a lap for removal of an endometrioma from left ovary. My bladder issues have been for a couple years. What bladder issues do you get? I get frequency, urgency and not being able to empty properly and real deep tummy pain after going.. do you get pain in left side too mine is quite low down and it's definitely the most dibilitating of pains I get! It's reassuring to know that you too get relief when on period, it's the build up that's so bad isn't it! I dont even know if its endo causing it but its def hormone related. Have you been diagnosed with endometriosis?

Hi Charlie, how’s your knee bearing up?

Sorry about the delayed reply I’ve started new hormones and they have been making me worse and I’m in even more pain .. yes I was diagnosed with endo in ‘14... are you any closer to getting a diagnosis? What is the lowest and highest pain you experience out of 10 ?

Wishing you a pain free time

This is really similar to me and people find it strange that I actually get some relief once I've come on.have you been diagnosed?i have my lap today,so scared but don't know whether I'm more worried they will find something or that they won't x

Charlie-36 in reply to kds16

Hi kds16, I know what you mean about people finding it strange to actually have some sort of relief when period starts! Yeah I was diagnosed 3 years ago after a lap to remove a cyst which turned out to be an endometrioma, but that's when all my pain started. Awe I hope you get on okay today and get some answer's x

My pain is worse too before my period and I have no idea why? Interestingly enough my endometriosis affects my left ovary more (it's stuck to my womb due to adhesions and a scan showed a cyst there too) and i get up to pee like 4-5 times in the night *sighs*... Still I hope you find some relief soon xxx

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