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First period and PMT?🙈

I am so glad I have this forum to ask questions I don't know where I would be without it and the support.

I wanted to see what other people's PMT is like with endometriosis? I had a Laparoscopy 3 weeks ago, and I had diathermy treatment for the endometriosis they found. Just waiting on a follow up with my consultant.

Im just curious if anyone elses PMT as worse with your first period after the op?

Thankyou in advance 😘

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I think a laparoscopy can be very stressful emotionally and it's very normal to feel anxious, upset or down afterwards. This could make symptoms of PMT worse. Try not to be hard on yourself and accept that it will take some time to recover. Have you started any new medication since your lap because this could also have an effect on your emotions xxx


Hiya janine,

I know that's very true, no I'm not on anything new. I'm on medication for my mental health which helps with the symptoms of eupd.

But this Definitely feels emotional like PMT. It's driving me mad! I'm sure everything will settle down once I've had my period. X


I had removal of an ovary,tube, and endometriosis 4 weeks ago. I also had terrible PMT. I wanted to cry over everything and I'm not usually an overly emotional person. Also had terrible night sweats and in general was irritable. My period came with more pain than normal but not overly heavy or long. I didn't have laparoscopic surgery as they also found a solid mass which needed removing


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