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Advice needed after laparoscopy


Wonder if anyone can give me some advice.... I had a laparoscopy on Monday 5th October, it all went well and straight forward, I'm not 100% sure exactly what happened although I've received a discharge letter to let me know that something has been sent off to the lab and they will be in touch once the have the histology results.... The problem I'm having is that I've bled since the operation which I know is normal but the amount of pain I'm I is getting unbearable, the nurse said I'd gradually feel better but I'm feeling worse as the days go on, I've had to double all my medication which isn't helping.... Is this normal to be in this much pain? X x

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Can you describe the pain?

My advice would be to get it checked if you're concerned, you can't be too careful x


It's like really bad period pain which was why I had the laparoscopy in the first place, it's worse than what I normally suffer with x


Is your period due? I've heard that a first period after a lap can be very painful. If you are concerned I would definitely speak to your doctor xxx


I've been on zoladex since June/July so haven't had a period, think I've finally managed to get the pain under control


Think it depends on how invasive your surgery was. You have to remember someone has been rooting around inside you. The drugs from the surgery will have worn off by now and the ones you have are probably no where near as strong. But you should go to the GP if you're that concerned. Think it took me a good couple of

months until I felt 'normal' again. Hope you feel better soon.

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I think they've had a good old root round, must say though the RVI where I had my op were fantastic and it's all thanks to this forum and the great advice that a couple of members gave me the that I ended up going there,


I was the same but they took a swab & I had an infection so may be worth getting checked. I bled for 12 weeks non stop after my lap, hope you get better soon.


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