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Diagnostic Laparoscopy Advice

Hi ladies. I received a phone call today saying that I will be having my diagnostic Laparoscopy on Monday. I've been waiting since the beginning of the year however the nerves are starting to kick in.

I basically have a few questions for example Will I find out there and then after the operation if I have endo - if so how mild/severe it is?

I have a fibroid so I'm assuming they will remove this whilst I'm under?

Also they're treating me as a day case however said to bring an overnight bag just in case. What on earth do I put in this?

Sorry to seem hopeless however this is my first operation since I was 3, so many years ago!

Any other advice you lovely ladies have will be much appreciated ☺

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Hi. I'm having mine done on Monday too. I'm in as a day patient but am taking toiletries and a dressing gown, pjs and some slippers. Also something comfy to go home in. I spoke to my consultants secretary and she said she would go through what I need to do and further appointments etc.. with me when I am in recovery so hopefully they will do the same with you. Hope it all goes smoothly for you xx


You should get a visit, usually from a registrar, after the op when you are in recovery. They will go through what was found, sometimes show you pictures. The overnight bag is just in case anything happens that means they need to keep you in for observation, likely meaning a reaction to the anaesthetic, I think it would be quite unusual to be kept in after a diagnostic lap though.

I pack night clothes, slippers, sanitary towels (hospital ones are awful!), decent painkillers if you have them as they will insist on giving you paracetamol *rolls eyes*, a book or something to do when waiting around, peppermint tea to help with the gas pain, fruit gums or boiled sweets for the sore throat from the tube, charger for your phone, folder for copies of discharge summaries, prescriptions etc, loose, elasticated waist bottoms that you will be wearing on your hips as you won't want it to catch the incisions, and a baggy top.



Most of your questions will be answered the same day.

But you will be groggy and most doctors are not going to wait around for you to fully come out of it.

It's good if you could have a trusted person waiting and ask them to record the conversation with their phone.

Of course the info could never be used in any legal way but you'll know what was said and what to ask at follow up visit a week or two later

Any tissue that may need cultured and checked will take a few days to get back

In your bag


Your phone

Reading stuff

Maybe an outfit to go home in if it's different than the one you wore in



That kind of stuff

Most likely everything you need will be provided

I can remember way back when we had a baby and it was a Big Deal to have the bag 💼 packed and ready

Nursing bras

Nursing nightgown

Clothes for baby to come homef in

It's kind of funny

Most of the time you stay in their gowns cause who wants to mess up your own gown

A baby ?

Another could al always bring to you clothing .

Even then if you had none the baby 👶 would not go home naked .

I was a foster mom

Sometimes I was asked to bring stuff to change baby 👶 into

Sometimes the hospital would have them in some sleeper or something

So you don't really need a bag

But remember to bring any personal items you would want that you kno they won't have at the hospital

I don't think I've heard pack a 💼 in forever

Not laughing at you

At the situation

Write down every question

Tell the dr so and so are waited to be talked to so Please go talk to them before you leave

Ya a lot of them don't do that automatically anymore


Thank you very much for your resonates ladies. Stephkp hope everything goes smoothly for you on Monday.

I'm still feeling anxious about it all but I'm sure I'll be fine as soon as I get to the hospital xx


You will be fine, I had my first diagnostic lap last week, I was so nervous and scared and it was no where near as bad as if convinced myself it would be. defo try have someone with you when the consultant visits you after your op as I don't remember anything she told me and my discharge letter was vague. peppermint tea and mints were the best thing I packed and loose clothing , if you have a lot of traveling to do to get home afterwards I recommend taking a pillow for in the car. hope everything goes well and you get some answers xxx

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