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Can endo be linked to chronic back pain?


Hi everyone sorry for the long post! I just signed up to this site as I have been suffering with all kinds of gynae problems for the past 8 years and have felt somewhat let down by doctors. I'm finally due for lap next week to hopefully get endo diagnosis. I have had all types of ultrasounds/blood tests/ sti tests/ examinations etc and have only ever been told it'll settle down in your mid 20s (when i was about 15) maybe it's endo but you're too young to test, maybe it's chlamydia (i could assure them every time it wasn't), my ovaries are immature, they thought they found a polyp once and check via hysteroscopy and nothing there, i had a friend recently only a few years older go through cervical cancer diagnosis after many similar symptoms to me and it totally freaked me out, i have since requested a smear test despite only being 21. Anyway so am due for lap, mirena coil fitted and potential smear test next week so hopefully getting somewhere finally! However my question is i have back pain mostly middle and lower, for probably 3 years ish, in the past maybe 6 months or so it has got so much worse and it hurts nearly all the time even when i'm barely doing anything, it's affecting me a lot as i dance, work on my feet, i also started getting a pain from my back in the middle coming through to my chest and causing pain whilst breathing. I finally went to my GP today and at first he said muscular but since mentioning all the gynae problems he seemed fairly certain it is linked, he said endo can start growing almost anywhere and would be likely to start in the back and near the lungs. Has anyone else had this? And found a link between the two? If they find endo during the lap and burn it away are my back problems likely to reduce also? Thanks in advance for any replies, already feeling positive and supported just by reading other people's experiences on here, thank god for women who like to talk it really does help, i have felt so alone recently so finding all this quite comforting xx

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I'm sorry to read all the problems you have had trying to get a diagnosis.

The whole smear test thing I don't get as in Scotland you get it much younger than England.

Endo and back pain can be linked. I have chronic pain in my hip from another illness and my endo can make it worse.

Endo can be very similar to symptoms that us girls get in and around our period. Sore pelvis, back, bloating, cramping etc.

The main thing is you are getting a laproscopy. All I can say is take it one step at a time.

If you do have endo it can explain a lot. They are all different ways to help keep the condition at bay so don't be scared of what might lie ahead.

I hope you get answers soon. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. X


Hi liv1096. Sorry you're experiencing so much pain. I'm having very similar pains. Pelvic, back, ribs, rectum, rt hip, headaches, legs and rt shoulder. Had chest pain so bad it took me to the emergency room many times. They never found anything. They started suggesting that it's in my head as well. Telling me that depression can have the same symptoms. It's so frustrating. Been to Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology etc. Went to my annual Gyn visit. She told me I have a rt ovarian mass. Probably a fibroma. Went for an MRI. Of course the MRI did not respect the mass. That Gyn sucked! She downplayed my situation. Took it upon myself to find a Gyn Oncologist. In that one visit I had with him he educated me on endometriosis like no other MD. He wants to do a Urology exam and a Laparoscopy. He talked to me about IUD with Mirena coil, Lupron Depot and Depro Provera. I feel so much better mentally knowing I might be close to a diagnosis and treatment. Don't give up girl! Never let anyone tell you that you're not feeling pain. You are your best advocate. Good luck to you with your Lap. Hope you're pain free soon.

Back pain can be a symptom of deep Endometriosis in particular in places like Pouch of Douglas, Uterosacral ligaments or Recto vaginal.

I have had chronic back pain for decades and blamed it on various injuries. A recent MRI said it couldnt see damage severe enough to account for the severity of my pain. A year later I was diagnosed with severe deep recto vaginal endo and a 2.5 cm nodule with numerous adhesions attaching my bowel to my cervix.

I believe the adhesions were part of the issue and my back pain has improved after one snapped. I go into surgery next week for excision and hope back pain along with my extreme fatigue will be improved after my 6 week recovery period.

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