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New to endo

Hi everyone.

For months I've been having bad abdominal pain which comes and goes. It is usually worse around period time and when I'm constipated (which is often).

I have awful back pain, worsening at night which leaves me only lying on my back to relieve it a bit, along with that as of recent my knees have started to become very sore too :( is this linked to endo?

I finally got meeting my gynae consultant at hospital and he done an internal, my ovaries were fine, but he suggested that I could have endometriosis. He told me about the laparoscopy but thought it was a bit invasive right now for me so prescribed me on Cerelle pill (as I stopped my pill in march which is when all this pain started)

I also am tired constantly and bleed during sex, when I have the energy or wanting for sex that is.

So I just wanted to share, and to see if anyone could give me some info, does this sound like endo and is it the reason for everything that's happening?

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Hey! I've been diagnosed with stage 1 endometriosis, I'm 23 and had my diagnostic laparoscopy in Feb this year. The symptoms you're describing do sound like they could be endo, I have bad abdominal pain every day, little and often or just general agony. It's funny you mention your knees hurting actually, because mine started aching just last night! It is really common to be tired a lot of the time with endo too. But don't take my advice as certain, there may be other options :) x

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Thank you :) it's hard to get my head around. Especially the infertility part. I have a son who is nearly 2 but I never questioned whether I could or couldn't have more. Its scary and sad :( x


Thank you!

That is very helpful x


You should push for the laparoscopy. It's the ONLY proven method to treat endometriosis xxx


I'm going too. I don't like BC pills they mess with my mood.

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