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Judgmental doctors and pain relief

Okay so this is a little rant and a question rolled into one.

I've been on painkillers as long as I can remember and earlier this year I was put on to MST (slow release morphine) to try and get me through the day. I was put on 20mg a day.

Yesterday, I visited my GP and begged for further pain relief as I was still in terrible amounts of pain and that's taking naproxen as needed also.

My doctor has always been fairly supportive but yesterday I felt disbelief and judgment from him when I said I was still in pain.

I asked for something stronger and he said,

"Stronger than morphine?"

I know how this sounds. I know how it sounds to be on morphine and still be in pain but I was breaking down to this man because I cannot do basic things like stand and make dinner without almost collapsing in pain.

He upped my dose to 40mg a day and I feel a bit more relief but I still get breakthrough pain.

As the MST is slow release, I feel like I need something for immediate relief when I get a bad flare.

After that experience yesterday though I am anxious to ask for some immediate relief.

What do I say?

I've been off work for 2 weeks almost now as I had my lap on 30th June and I can't afford any more time off so I need something extra to help me.

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