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Pain relief please?

Last night I had the worst attack of endo yet. Ended with a paramedic and on call doctor by my bed at 2am. I was given entonox and a shot of tramadol. I had already taken maximum doses of ibrupohen throughout the day and then tramadol tablets but threw it up. I really feel I need something stronger. I'm also asthmatic. Can anyone suggest a good pain relief for flare ups like this please?

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I take codydramol but you cant take them with Tramadol i recently taken Tramadol and my body, hands was shaking and shivering it was side effects and i was throwing up and going hot and cold however they did some what help me with the pain by knocking me out asleep in ten mins, co dydramol for me takes the edge of the pain but doesn't take it away the thing i find the most relief is having a hot bath or putting anything warm on my stomach , heated throws work good that you put over you.

im not sure of anything else i was told by the doctor that the stronger pain killers you take the more likely you are to have side effects my gynaecologist told me that medication like nurofen works better for endometriosis if that is true i dont know it never worked for me.

Im sorry i dont have any answers i wish i did, i know exactly how you feel.


Thank u - I was offered pethadine but turned it down. I will talk to my doctor about codrydramol. It's so depressing going through this. I knew I was due an attack because I was so unbelievable tired during the day. Just so embarrassed that I had to ring an ambulance in the end.


Buprenorphine.... I got this prescription from a'n'e..... U dissolve one tiny tablet under ur tongue and whaooo!! It really does help. I know nothing is going to take the pain away completely but this does help! Doctor also give me anti sickness tablets cos these are really strong. tramadol doesnt agree with me at all and i cant have morphine (2 bad reactions) hope this helps hun. Claire xx


Buprenorphine is a tablet that melts under the tongue- I've had it and Pethedine a few times. Pethedine is better at pain relief than temgesic/ buprenorphine in my experience. Pethedine is fab. I'd happily live on that all day when in pain, but it is super strong so only to be used when pain levels are 8 or 9/10 and above.

The temgesic makes me nauseous and throw up, but the Pethedine didn't have the same icky side effect for me. Pethedine therefore gets my vote as an amazing pain killer.

Entonox is only any good while you are inhaling it, the effects do not last long.

Tramadol will last longer, and is very good when given in to the leg or bum muscles for speedy relief.

The difficulty with all the ones you take orally is when the pain is too much you tend to vomit and up comes the remains of any tablets. The only way to bypass that risk is to have injections of pain relief at a hosp. Or do as I did in the past, get a GP to prescribe ampules of Pethedine, you keep them stored at home securely, and when the need arises, and you have to call out the GP or paramedic in the middle of the night, they can bring the syringe to administer it to you. It is not something you should be self injecting, and call out Docs do not carry that strength of meds with them nowadays for their own safety as they are class A drugs. But if you have them at home already, they can give the dose to you that you require.

If my experience is anything to judge, don't dismiss the Pethedine, it really is what is needed for excrutiating pain at times. It's like morphine. I believe you can get tablets of the stuff too, but when the risk of vomitting is high, then the injectable sort is best.

My endo pains are currently okay with diclofenac though it does make me even dopier and drowsier than normal. It's a muscle relaxant pain killer and that seems to help me a lot.

Entonox is just what paramedics give to calm you down when you are at risk of going in to shock with pain. Not really a solution for severe endo/gynae pain.


Everyone is different hun. Hope ur feeling better. Take care. X


This is all fab information. I have an appointment booked with my gp in a few weeks in which i am going to demand special painkillers for my Endo. I wonder could they give us anti sickness tablets to take at the same time as these strong tablets? X


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