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I don't know what to do any more. I have been taking so many pain killers recently and the pain doesn't seem to change at all...I am starting to think my body is immune to them...

Currently I am taking 60mg morphine a day as well as 150mg of Pregabalin and Co-codamol. I have a hot water bottle or heat patches on my back and front daily yet I am still really suffering. Does anyone know of anything that might help me??!! Evenings are better as I can lay down and usually find a comfy spot and stay there, but day time is a different matter.I am going back to see the consultant next month but its 5 weeks away and I literally have no idea how to get through it. Every time I go to my GP he just bumps the morphine up another 10mg and I don't want to become a vegetable as I still need to work - some days are sketchy as it is.

Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Beth xx

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  • Hi Beth, have you tried a tens machine. They stop the pain signals to the brain. I'm sat here with mine on and pain is a lot better. Although I do understand that everyone is different.

  • Thanks Jean, I never even thought of that. I will give it a go.


  • Good luck Hun and I hope your appointment goes ok.

  • tens didn't help me much :( although I did find it took the edge off at times. Lloyd's chemist does some cheap ones that are really good. I honestly just don't think anything works. I am now taking Amitriptyline for nerve pain, I really think it helps a lot. X

  • Thanks for the advise. I'll speak to my GP and see what he thinks. I will give anything a go!

  • Hi  Beth

    As a rapid Results Pain Specialist and also a master Hypnotist dealing in pain , doctors deal with all problems from the neck down, and offer only what they have been programed to offer being pharmasutical drugs, all synthetic. All offering side effects

    A builder approached me after have knee hole surgery recently and under different pain specialists over a period of 18 months still wracked in pain with damaged knees. I spoke to him and used energenetics with him dealing with the discomfort doctors could not get rid off. Using a system  taking 5 minutes he was instantly pain free. My advice would be seek out a master hypnotist , Clinical hypnotherapist as they often have more experience than your ordinary gp as we deal with the mind as well as the cause and not just the symptoms. As most people are aware that your brain releases chemicals into your body , and sad to say many people are carrying memories around with them that are full of pain and there is a release trigger but  most doctors dont know about this, and even people suffering from fibromialgia, often can be helped  through change of diet and looking into reiki and other avenues,as often they are very sincere loving people , and some need to learn to stop absorbing and scream  shout and stop being so placid in their relationships as they also absorb and keep hold of emotional traumas , that need to be let go of in their relationships. Hope this helps you and others, chris lord  facebook , Author of 4 books .

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