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Good news!! - don't give up!


Just wanted to share a little bit of news!

After 7 years of endo symptoms and an unsuccessful laparoscopy last week, I've finally been referred to an endometriosis specialist!!!

I'm not going to lie, I had to fight with my GP a little but he's made the referral and I actually feel a huge weight off my shoulders knowing I'm going to see a specialist!!

Keep fighting, you know your body better than anyone x

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Bloody brilliant you go girl!!! So hard to get any referrals from NHS these days be proud of yourself 😘 I hope it's not too long await and you get to the bottom of this- you cannot be expected to live like this ( it's disgusting how many women are 😬) Wishing you the best for your appointment xoxo

staceymacg in reply to Hidden

I'm so happy! My GP was very hesitant, saying he thought all gynaecologists were endo specialists and he didn't even know of the centre in Edinburgh!! I didn't take no for an answer and I'm so glad I pushed💪🏻 I hope so, he did say he would write to them immediately so fingers crossed💛Xx

I'm guessing that this is to a BSGE Centre, that's great!!

Yeah! My GP didn't even know of that website or that these places existed! He thought all gynaecologists were endo specialists so I had to physically show him this website! Xx

Well done you! My God, I know they have a lot to do, but honestly.

I keep thinking I should do a post - each week - blazoning the news about BSGE Centres. Still, it seems, on and on -- most of the women on here are having the same issues, and are still being sent down the wrong routes!

Really great news. I hope it all goes well. Fantastic you for learning your stuff and standing up to him, maybe we all need to do it! Well done, keep us posted ... now treat yourself, you deserve it!!!

He was trying to send me to the bloody Sandyford STD centre!! I am just sick of being fobbed off because I had my lap done by a general gynae and he even said he couldn't spot all the signs and I just feel it was a total waste of time!

I just hope I'm not waiting too long to see one of their specialists and get this next lap underway!

I've treated myself to some new makeup💁🏻 Xx

Bless your heart, what an absolute trooper!!!!! Well well done, be proud of yourself 😊👍🏼 Xxx

I'm so proud!! Xxx

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