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I had a laparoscopy before Xmas and was diagnosed with edometriosis. It was not very good news for me as a personal trainer because I thought I am healhy. Despite I wasn't able to enjoy Xmas dinner becuase still recovering from anestethics, I went to work after 3 days and started training again after 2 weeks. Come on women, you can take endo symptoms under control with the right nutrition, it works! There is plenty of info out there! I joined this network to meet similar women and get support and find only negativity in here! I changed some things in my diet before the surgery and keep the same diet after and feel fantastic!

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I agree! I've noticed a great improvement since I've cut out processed food, eat much more fruit and veg, have hardly any caffeine and eat organic when I can. I had a good diet to start with and enjoy cooking but I still noticed an improvement.

I always make sure I do some exercise. I really didn't think I'd be well enough to go to yoga this week but made myself go and felt so much better for it. Of course I do still have bad days but there are also things we can do to help ourselves.


Is your diet gluten, diary and sugar free? Avoid red meat and soya products too.I was deppressed for a bit because it felt I literally can't eat anything... But there are plenty or amazing recipies for endometriosis diet. And the most important this diet makes you lean and happy woman.I just always remember to take a little bag of almonds whenever I go to stop me from thinking about foods I am not supposed to eat, how great is that when you take a dessert menu in a restaurant and cant eat anything becuase it is packed with wheat and sugar. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger :-)


I am very happy you found that those things work for you. :) We are always looking for ways to help with the pain, bloating, and just plain blechy feelings.

The reason that we seem more negative is that we hurt. Lots. Some of us barely hurt at all.

Some of us hurt 24/7. We try so much to be happy around our loved ones, that we just need a place to vent and commiserate.

We keep getting new people all the time that are learning about their disease, and we try to help them along their journey. Sometimes it's hard to continue on with your own suffering if you think that other people with the same disease are doing better then you. That you shouldn't be feeling like this. That's why I like this group the way it is. We have to have some outlet where we CAN be sad, where we CAN discuss how miserable we are. Where we don't have to be on show all the time. These are just my personal feelings on the matter. I do like happiness, but sometimes i just need to know i can contact others who are currently miserable too and we can have a big woe fest.

oh, and just an add on. Going gluten free never helped with my endo, and i have been strictly gluten free for nearly a year and a half because of a wheat allergy. Exercising hurts me more then it ever should. As time goes on, my endo is getting worse and being meaner to me. One tiny bit of exercise will put me out of commission for about 3 days. That includes walking. It all depends on the intensity and location of the Endo as to whether or not people can exercise.


Well said! I'm active, I try to run about 15 miles a week, I do aerobics classes and resistance training three times a week. I eat a healthy well balanced gluten free diet... And I am currently curled up on the sofa with my huge wrap-around heatable Wheatie trying not to cry from the pain. I come to this forum for some advice, support and reassurance that I'm not alone; explaining endometriosis to 'non-sufferers' is really bloody difficult. I'm pleased that healthy eating and exercise helps the thread starter lady, but it definitely seems that with endometriosis there isn't a one size fits all way of managing the symptoms.


Thank you for the comment, and I completely agree that when you try to explain your condition to other people, they just don,t get it. My diagnosis affected me a lot, and I think this is the most difficult part emotionally for everyone of us as a woman, no matter what happens in my life I try to stay positive and hoped my positivity will help other women too.


I'm really happy for you that you are in position to do exercise still, but when you have your bowel stuck to your pelvic and abdominal wall, any movement is painful to excruciating, with even yawning and deep breathing hurting where it pulls.

I used to be very active and sporty, but this disease has taken that away from me, which of course leads to depression and negative messages, as chronic daily pain and areas of life being so affected, despite how much one yearns to be able to do normal things and exercise. I really miss walks with friend's dog. I have found this forum to be amazing in terms of support and advice.

Wish you all the best and fair play to you being able to bounce back with ease. I hope I and all the other sufferers on here are able to do so too one day soon, I really do.


Hi there I read your comments with dismay and my initial reaction was really !!!!!!!! I had a lap on the 19/12/2014 and have not been able to return to work as yet . I have been diagnosed with stage 4 endo . I am happy for you that you are able to bounce around and exercise and I get your message about healthy eating . I have always strived to eat healthy and like yourself exercise weekly for years . Unfortunately not everyone with this disease are able to bounce back like you appear to and I just wanted to add balance to the way you are feeling for those that are not feeling the same and may worry that there recovery is not like yours. I feel chronic fatigue and sleep all the time and my GP has signed me off work and saId everyone heals differently and endo affects everyone differently. My boss had been harassing me to come back to work and sounded like you ' eat heathly' just try and come in and you might be ok! Making me feel like I was making it up and making me question how I am actually feeling which is I need to not want to !!!stay in bed

Anyway rant over it nots personal I just want to add balance for those of us that don't feel so bouncy !


Hi there, I really appreciate your comment, and I am really sorry to hear the way you feel, I really hope you get better soon, yes everyone reacts to laparoscopy differently, I would probably should consider myself lucky because it looks that he stage of my endo is just the beggining, not very serious, I exercised very hard before the surgery because I knew I will be out of action for a few weeks, maybe it helped my body to recover quicker. Please stay positive as much as you can, the reason I was so quite straight forward, because when I switched to a very strict gluten,diary, sugar free diet, my period pains have gone and I generally feel much better.


Ok Hun no worries and I am really glad you feel better . I was just feeling really low and I do have family and friends but they don't really understand the pain and I feel like I am boring them and the forum made me feel so much better with the fact that the ladies seems to understand what I was going through . Anyway I wish you continue health take care Jx

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I'm always pleased to hear good stories but, as a carer of a friend with endo, the history we've had is completely different from your own experience. The 15 years of mis-diagnosis, mis-treatment and total lack of empathy within the NHS, surgical complications and other setbacks has led to severe depression - an acute illness in itself. Not all cases are the same and it's very difficult to keep someone with a long history of acute pain (with consequent depression) feeling positive. This illness has the ability to suck all the joy of living from some sufferers - hence why this forum is a very good way for ladies to find the empathy, support and advice they need in their darkest times. Some posts may seem very negative and depressive - unfortunately that is the nature of this particular beast. For many, it is the only place they can vent their anguish with people that understand.

I wish you well and continued recovery - but I remain solidly supportive of all the ladies here who have not been so fortunate and continue to suffer. Love to you all xx


thank you for your comment, it opens my eyes how acctually some of the other women suffer, I wish their pain to be gone


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